In Memory of Dr. Sheetal Amte

It got up at 4.30 AM and checked my phone for some anticipated messages. It was unbelievable to reconcile that Dr. Sheetal Amte was no more. It was like a nightmare, unbelievable.

Dr. Sheetal Amte, CEO Anandwan, Maharashtra, India.

Though 15 years younger than me, I was recently introduced to her because of the Alumnus group. We talked about preventing COVID as well as about her father’s health. Also saw her interacting with the group with so much energy and vitality.

I knew about her work at Anandwan and her vision of expanding the work as envisioned by Dr. Baba Amte. She was a true star that shone in the sky, not just because of her exemplary work but also because of the adoption of technology, like the use of blockchain and AI, to integrate those in the service of people.

Dr. Amte was a true hero, like our soldiers, who toiled for the downtrodden and those who are abandoned. Not many realize the sacrifices made by these selfless people. I truly call them Saint. However, we never realize the torment and the tribulations that they pass through while dedicating themselves to such a noble cause.

A Note to All – Let us focus and remember the positivity she created and let us not speculate but give her and her family the privacy to deal with this grief.

I remember a few lines from my earlier blog, ‘Today is what matters most”

Today is what matters most
Today is a reflection of yesterday
Today is a future we build today
Today belongs to you, do that today

Live and enjoy today and leave the past behind, past is an existence of a reality that paves way for today and that provides a vision and mission for tomorrow. Past is valuable, it’s our treasure trove, our source of wisdom, only if we know how to carve out our future optimistically and confidently.

At this moment, I pray to the Lord to keep her soul at peace and give strength to her family to deal with this calamity. I would like to add, let us keep positive thoughts and live with those.

Rest in Peace, Dr. Sheetal Amte

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