My Milieu…

First and foremost, this is not a paid site and I have banned any advertising on my wordpress site. My opinion are based on circumstances and analysis, there is no intention to hurt though sometimes, the analysis may mean introspection in specific circumstances and situations.

As of now, I have an audience in 30 plus countries, mostly in US, Canada, Europe, India, Middle East and Southeast Asia with others sprinkled around Latin America, Australia and Africa. I am happy, this footprint is growing faster. Below, please see my current (2017) readership profile across the world.

Stats for 2017

A little about My Milieu…

We all exist in a milieu, that impacts us and in our minuscule way, we add in defining that milieu. Globalization and ‘One World’ ushered in by the latest technologies in social media, has helped us connect, articulate and express ourselves. Our customary boundaries are melting and the abstract boundaries are expanding to connect us. While Globalization has offered that opportunity to interconnect and grow, it has occurred to fast, that several could not catch up pace with. A more detailed discussion on Globalization is underway, however, this site is one such attempt at connecting and expressing views with the latest happenings in our milieu.

This is an attempt to converse with the milieu and within (inside) – almost everything in my milieu and environment – encompassing everything within the macrocosm engulfing us. I offer my perspective, act, re-act and reflect. The milieu talks with me and we hear that cross talk, while we try to articulate and interpret the abstract, we tend to interact with our finite precept . Often, we respond with cognition to what we hear, see and feel, however, we have to strive to drive it deeper than what is felt by our  by our limited senses and articulate a meaning beyond the passage of time – the milieu wants to say something more than that – it’s abstract, but powerful and we need to articulate that unblemished positivity!

While you may visit the 140+ blogs already uploaded, another 100+ are in draft mode. You may also notice that the site needs rework too…

This is my way of connecting with you. Your feedbacks and inputs are critical to my milieu.

Jewel in realm Sun Zhu