China – A Nemesis of Civilization

It’s a long story, a hypothesis that never required a petri dish, a hypothesis that unraveled in the wild politics of international jungle raj.

Global politics is always “meri lathi, meri bhais”. It is definitely not a place for rational, reasonable, civilized arguments. It was a structure for convenience, and now, its own design has overtaken its foundation.

Post-WW II, the winners had the choice to structure and dominated it. Instead, they introduced inbuilt flaw, of subterfuge and suspicion, of hegemony over rationale, of aggrandizement and deceit. They built a citadel hollowed within its cisterns.

Unfortunately, global politics takes centuries to turn pages. China just fast-forwarded the inbuilt faultlines at a much faster pace than anticipated.

COVID, well, it is easy for all of us to zero in on China’s Complicity with Covid. However, the story goes far beyond 2019. It starts with Tibetan incursions in 1949 and eventual cannibalization in 1959. That jolt to the veto structure in 1949 eventually paralyzed the UN Security council in 1959. A religion as evolved as Buddhism lost its nation. The Tibetans were in exile, while the World watched helplessly, while its claws cut.

There is a lot to the story of the hollowed morals of global politics. I will leave the intermittent pages to be filled in for some other time. However, with evidence in abundance, I see complete inaction from the global moiety on the one who unleashed a weapon of mass destruction. Do you think Saddam deserved what he was meted out? If you agree that he received a termination despite not finding any WMD, what is the World waiting for?

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