An Obituary to the Corona Warrior – Lost to the Frontlines

With almost 63 million cases globally and 1.3 million deaths, no pandemics in the recent history has been so mercilessly devoured humanity as before. While the pandemic is still roaring its ugly head across the continents, countries, civilizations, cultures and cities, healthcare workers are at the epicenter of these tragedy, helping humanity to cope up with the calamity.

The medical community has paid a significant price in this struggle with the pandemic. We have lost doctors and healthcare workers to safeguard humanity during this crisis.

Especially, the elderly doctors and those with comorbidities are more vulnerable. Below chart depicts the spread of COVID-19 within the health care workers. Amongst the speiclaities, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Critical Care are the most predisposed to fatalities from the disease.

I am citing a story of one such Corona Warrior who lost to eternity while treating Covid patients. Dr. Sudhir Washimkar acquired COVID while taking care of his patients at Barjeel Hospital, Al Ain.

Dr Sudhir Washimkar, Barjeel Hospital, Al Ain

I am appending few citations of losses from the medical community. Please visit those at the end of this blog.

What have we learned?

  1. That doctors are the only one who came to the rescue of the common man. They too have families and despite the risk, they too fight like soldiers on the frontiers.
  2. It is pertinent to follow adequate risk assessment, implement protective interventions and strictly adhere to the standards laid down for PPE, and enhanced protection against infection to protect doctors and other health care professionals from coronavirus.
  3. Work – Shift hours should be calibrated to reduce stress and doctors should ensure that they take adequate measures such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc and other supplements. However, it is equally important to actively participate in exercise and Yoga, that will help in rejuvenating them.
  4. It is time the common man dispel the misunderstanding about the profession. It is right time, that professionals should introspect and ensure ethical guidelines are adhered to to sustain the respect of the common man since their dedication is highly noble and sacrosanct to the sustenance of mankind.

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