The Delta (Plus) Variant

We saw Delta Variant in India recently. It almost engulfed the fire like a dry forest, about to simmer.

It is highly transmissible, deeply morbid, and highly fatal. It devasted families, took away a lot of near and dear, and maimed several left behind, just like a tornado.

One more thing that is noteworthy – it came like torrential mansion rains, slashed, wiped, and flooded the streets, and leaving behind vast devastation, it left away with the same agility.

One difference, though, monsoon follows a solar cycle, virus follows its mutation cycle. Will it strike again? When will it come again? Will it strike with a vengeance?

Some said we did our best, others said did we? Let not the virus divide us into polar extremes. No good predictions will help, but the answers are within the virus, the hosts and, the milieu that we create, live, and exist exists.

Can we truly predict? Possibly yes, it may not be easy, but we can try and be in the ballpark.

What do we do?

CAB, Covid Appropriate Behavior is the best safeguard next to Vaccine (are the Vaccine Nah sayers around, 😉).

Emergency preparedness is next in order. We, at CovidRxExchange, are working to build Emergency Awareness based on our 3×3 model and the revamped Extended Life Cycle Model.

Do you want to join? Nonmedical folks, too, can do a lot. It’s payback time. Can you step up to give back?

Our 4600 doctors (spread out across multiple states in India and overseas) from CovidRxExchange will be more than eager to get a nonmedical technocrat on their team. We will map you to the areas of your choice. It will be a short assignment, and we can work with your employer to recognize your voluntary efforts (We are a registered nonprofit organization). You can volunteer at your convenience; a few hours per week would make a difference.

Let us know!

Thank you


Dr. Shashank Heda

Dallas, Texas, US
Founder and Chief Executive
CovidRxExchange (a global nonprofit initiative focused on disseminating expertise and insight in the medical care of Covid; We are working relentlessly since March/April 2020).

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