Terror Financing, FATF and Crumbling Edifices

Pakistan has its own inherent challenges, as a country it has really not provided an institution to address bur rather subverted those democratic processes. Protection of the terrorist is the extremist narcissistic reaction and doesn’t address the root cause of alleviating nation and its miseries. Rather protection of terrorism is more of a reaction than a reflection and will only sideline and ostracize it and fall in the hands of Chinese hegemonist and imperialism.

It’s best they give in to international watchdog, renounce support and help eradicate terrorism from its soil and soul. The hope for capturing Kashmir or saving their land from imperialism or disintegration or disintegration is gradually diminishing.

Often, it is perceived that “Pakistani nationals have a peculiar mentality of establishing its supremacy through religion and religious pathways. It carries hatred for other religion and Nations. It’s hard to teach them anything. Hatred for India and Indians is deeply rooted even in the new generation of Pakistan. It’s being systematically implanted and imbibed in their minds, so difficult to eradicate. It’s best we move on with our goals and neglect them. No point proving or sermonizing anything to those Pakistanis…that Nation is on self-destruction mode so leave them to their fate”.

What is felt above is true about the political and military establishment, we have to first differentiate between Pakistan (Establishment) from Pakistanis. I met several Pakistanis in the last few decades. Citizens are like all of us, ordinary gullible and impressionable. What we are fed is what we harbor. We all, irrespective of border, have same concerns, same aspirations in life. No Pakistani or Indian wants a war. We all harbor the same suspicion and the zest to patch over as human.

In fact, when we step out of our country, we all harbor a bias, this includes we Indians and Pakistanis alike. However, those who have shared roots across the border, have a broader perspective and good will. As you leave out side (the country of your origin) for a longer period, you tend to develop a diminished acuity towards those biases. The Pakistani I mentioned is a very moderate one. If you read his note carefully, he just shared the news but we presumed what we wanted to. My response to him was part of a constant emphasis on the establishments vexed approach towards India as a country.

And I have forgotten to tell you, they feel torn apart, they love their country but can’t be part of the restive land. Their ladies are very less conservative than ours, their mindset and forwardism is like those under the rule of Shah of Iran (now dethroned). Many ladies hate to be under veil and they hate all the more to go back to Pakistan. That’s where they have to significantly compromise their freedom, which they so much enjoy here.

Pakistani establishment is different though, over the years, it has become a rallying point for those within the military, to maintain its control over the state and polity. It is not in their interest to have a restful populace. Just imagine the blissful utopian state wherein India and Pakistan are at peace, we have no border skirmishes and no border at all. Do you truly need that army on either side? Fanning those differences is in the interest of the military establishment.

We should avoid mixing religion and nationhood. Not all Muslims hate us as a nation. Muslims as a group has certain idiosyncrasies and those are across the board with other religions. As nations and as people,  we see a different breadth and depth of relations between individuals and nations. It’s only when we have a conflict that we see those problems and Kashmir is an area of conflict.

Peace is all about shared interest and shared conflict. When we move the fulcrum, we see instability.

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Sudden Cardiac Standstill

Recently, I heard a lot of cases due to sudden cardiac arrest. Almost all are young adults, one was 21 year old, the other 29 year old, the third one 39 year old and now Sridevi, who was just 54.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is getting common by the day. Often we think it is unlikely to happen to us. We are so remotely concerned, that we never realize it may happen within our close circle – family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances. It is not remote possibility, it can happen anytime within our network.

Too often, we are under a wrong notion that the EMR (911) will be there and fix it. However, their response time varies according to the circumstances and often, it is late. Can we think of avoiding such grievous situations before they happen? Right from the causes, the identification while we are developing that vulnerability and finally, to manage while it actually happens until the EMR (911) is there to manage further?

What do you say might be the causes?
What can be done to protect?If that does happen (right now in front of your eyes), are we adequately prepared to handle it?

There are several causes, but knowing your understanding and readiness to handle is important. Please read what you need to do, just in case you meet with this eventuality.

Do we know the cause and are we adequately prepared to handle that? Of course, this is not a replacement for professional advice or management. An immediate action is to get professional doctors to help.

Earlier, we lost one of the most talented and venerated actress due to sudden cardiac arrest. What can we learn from such an unanticipated loss? Someone responded saying,


Despite all efforts sometimes we are helpless. However, efforts are the only thing we have in our control, having said that, as I was talking about this earlier, we all need CPR training. However, I avoided directly prescribing before knowing the awareness.

During the initial phase itself, several amongst us live in that risk zone. How do we identify if we fall in that zone? How deeply are we exposed and impacted to that risk? What is it that drives us into and out of that risk zone?

Second, what do we do once we have identified our own risk? How best to reduce? Will it happen overnight? Is overnight fixing possible? How do we plan and implement a roadmap towards better health?

The last and the most important, for several months now, I have been evangelizing the cause of CPR, which I talked before posting the generic concern this morning. Often CPR given at the right moment is helpful. If late (around 7-10 minutes), becomes ineffective, not that heart cannot be revived but irrevocable damage has already occurred by then. If someone continues the pumping until medical help arrives, that becomes a god send opportunity.

Spirituality and good practices play a significant role is establishing or rebalancing. However, that what goes through those seven openings is only one aspect. We definitely need a comprehensive approach and plan.

While I have no knowledge if she was indulging in any of that, I am sure she had access to expert guidance on how best to do that. Though rumor mills are ripe with speculations, botox, plastic surgery and liposuctions are unlikely to do that. Metabolic drug, especially anabolic steroids  have severe damning effect though. It is wise to presume, that she had access to professional advice. Sridevi is just an example of sudden cardiac standstill. Last night, I lost an extended family member who was 39. Earlier around new year, we lost a 21 and 29 year old in Irving.

Whether it is Sridevi, a 39, 21 or 29 yr old, do we know the precipitating factors? How can we stop walking that path? And if that happens in your presence, what would you do to stop it?

Its time to audit and fix.

Coalescence of Chaos

I see regional coalescence and confluence of wars emerging in discrete geographic areas.

1. The Syria, Turkey, Israel Iran Iraq, Russia, US and Saudi instability emerging out of complex threads like ISIS, Assads dictatorship and mass prosecution of his population.
2. The Congo Rwanda quagmire
3. The Southeast Asian cauldron of Koreas, China, Russia, US
4. The South China Sea
5. The everglades of Russia and Eastern Europe with Crimea and Ukrain

Of course, I haven’t added the Venezuela to the mix.

This is only infographic, devoid of intelligence. Now add a weakening US influence world across, the recession in Europe, Brexit and dilution of European Union.

Add to this the emerging threat of Chinese hegemony, Russian urge to be superpower while being deprived of basic economic successes.

Human intelligence is not working, we definitely need Artificial Intelligence to understand and solve this quagmire.

The other day I talked about local IMA elections and how we need Social Engineering.

Not sure if democracy was the right answer to replace feudalism but across the globe, we definitely see failure of democracy.

To summarize, at atomic, local and wider swaths of global areas, we see pandemic of chaos confluencing from all dimensions.

Does that mean we are landing in chaos and anarchy?

Human instinct for survival is so strong that despite these challenges, a solution should emerge. Humanity themselves will discover the cause of the problems and produce a solution with inguinity…. or at least we hope so. (Shashank/mymilieu.org).

Fear of war looms over Syria neighbours, Iran says

Why Not Write Correctly?

Often I see business documents, college essay and (email) communications with incorrect English. American English is truly simple and not imposing. If efforts are made, it is not difficult to write a good quality communication (email) or a business document, college essay etc. in proper English. I have shared tips from a reputed journal of higher education for writing quality English.

Irrespective of the medium of communication, it is never late to learn writing correctly. Like thoughts provide clarity to our mind and percepts, so do written language provides an insight to our tone and our thought process. Visit my blog to view those tips. https://wp.me/p7XEWW-12h

While we communicating in English, we increasingly see a reflection of original language and dialect, especially our written English. We all from the Asian subcontinent write English that is truly translated and transcribed from our original language and has shades of our dialect as well.

Often, I write grammatically incorrect English. It is not sloppiness or irresponsible writing. The root cause is how we think and write. While, America (especially US) is truly great in absorbing all styles of accents and variant English, I noticed that there is increasingly less emphasis on correcting our English (because sloppiness if disregarded) in favor of pragmatism. While I too make mistakes in writing, I continuously make efforts to write correctly and use appropriate word. Often it helps to use dictionary, guidelines on how best to avoid mistakes while writing and tips for better communicating.

Here is an article which I think we and especially, our kids should inculcate as we are increasing getting embedded in the American and Global culture. This article is little verbose but comes from a reputed source, ‘The Chronicle of Higher Education’, which I respect.


This is not the only source; you may also do a Youtube or Google search. However, it is truly important we write correctly.


Afghanistan – A Century in turmoil

This is an interesting story of a country that was moving towards enlightenment and true democratic system of governance but slipped on its way into deep chaos and turmoil. Contemporary historians blame US- USSR polarity and rivalry for this but you may find insight and glimpses of a different nature to the build up to such catastrophic fall.

I call it into two phases – first phase being, In my view, the rich-poor divide, democratization of polity by Daoud Khan, the successor to Zahir Khan and aggressive influence of communist all culminated into an era of soviet occupation.

The second phase was the soviet occupation and the disenchantment and fundamental malalignment of human endeavor associated with bolshevik philosophy and the succeeding revolt (supported by US led capitalist) to throw the Russian. This second phase saw the rise of radical muslims (the poor muslims transformed into Taliban). That heralded the third phase, which is currently ongoing.

… I am still reflecting on how unfurling events, if not controlled, can immerse a country and its generation, into deep chism and chaos. Any thought?


A short history of Life: Afghanistan’s lost magazine

Groundhog – Predicting Weather

It will be interesting to know that America too has its believes (and dark faith). This one, the Ground Hog, they say, has predicted end of winter and onset of spring for the last 100 plus years. Farmers in US have used Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions in planting crop. Prediction of spring (and end of winter) becomes important as emphasizes the time of sowing, a ‘Go To Market’ strategy to make best yield out of farming efforts. Obviously, world across, farmers have been doing that but the Ground Hog is one such faith embedded within the American pysche.

Read the complete story of Ground Hog and the celebration. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/group-normal-guys-wearing-top-hats-and-tuxes-keep-groundhog-day-running-180961954/?utm_source=onesignal.

#Me Too in India – Long Awaited Movement

On religion and worship, a facet of Sanatan Dharma (colloquially Hinduism) characteristically stands out, all mother Goddesses are in the Sanctum Sanctorum, all are depicted at the same level as Men Gods. Give my expression but let us revisit Lord Ram and Sita, Lord Krishn and Radha, Lord Shiv goes a step further, he says he is incomplete without Lord Parvati. Such is the legacy we all inherit, wherein religion has built our ethos to respect ladies with that adoration and equal respect. Just to highlight the contrary, I haven’t seen a single temple wherein the female consort is outside Sanctum Sanctorum.

Not sure at what point in time have we mutated this legacy but irrespective of when it happened, we dealt a severe body blow to our culture and heritage. I am not a well read person like several of you are. However, I can see a transition of another facet, the Ghungat/padar/burqh. If you observe carefully, you will notice it prominently in Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. As you go south towards Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, you see that size of Ghunghat decreasing. Not sure if you guys concur with me?

Sometimes that makes me wonder, has it changed after the Mughal onslaught? Those barbaric marauders attacked the western border and we see that tradition more on that side. They had least respect for the land, ladies or the people and they pretty much plundered heinously everything. That moght have changed our custom and culture.

But again, second citizen treatment for women has its genesis on the nature (of procreation), their intrinsic physical vulnerability and mens attitude to dominate with coercion. It is an exploitation that we embedded and made it ritualistic.

Just look at our Hindu Temples, men can visit temple anytime but women cannot, while they are menstruating. We consider that less spiritual time. Never understood the logic. Aren’t we all born out of that physiologic process? Why consider it lesser (and probably dirty)?

A lot has to do with women’s own submission. They should support their own equality. They should break those taboos created as aberrations over a period of millennia. Just assert and walk confidently. Men will simply follow.


What is wrong with us? Despite our value system and religious ethos, we such heinous crimes? Of course, this is an outlier and can be counted as rarest of the rare reporting by the open sensationalizing media. However, even if we bar this incidence, crimes against women are much common place in India, compared to western standards though we are a shade better than Muslim world. How can we as a doctor community help this problem?
India outcry after eight-month-old baby raped