Unfolding Saga of Migrants

A few days back, you saw a country melting, literally, the inflation shot through the roof like a rocket. Vital parameters, such as infant and mortality, which WHO has set up as indicators of the health of a country, are fast deteriorating Provides a fertile ground for emigration.

However, emigration such as these was seen in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, several African nations. However, Latin America was spared of such mass migration. They had loose borders and little rules to govern the movement since they have a shared culture language and uniform living conditions across the Latin American continent (Brazil is an exception since they speak Portuguese). Their commonality made it possible to tolerate population movements.

However, mass migration triggered by the Venezuelan crisis will create massive issues and fragmentation of these shared bonds within these bound countries. It goes without saying that the existing and newly migrated would struggle for similar resources – be it physical, cognitive or abstract. Many would-be left homeless again after decades of finding a home in their newly found abode, recollect how India had to deprive 4 million migrants of Bangladesh. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, we will see riots from resource constraints, and if cultural fitness is an issue, possibly malalignment that is evident in Europe after they assimilated migrant Muslims from Syria.

This truly is the cauldron of the emergent future crises.


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