Do COVID Stories Matter?

Sharing a story from a doctor’s family from the UK

The Pathologist lost her elderly doctor parents at a gap of two days. The Pathologist herself got Covid second time since she was not vaccinated. Her husband too got Covid. This is the new variant.

How do we use this information?
It is important to take the vaccine. Vaccination stops the virus from multiplying. No multiplication means no further mutations. So those vaccinated are better off. Now, does that mean vaccination won’t have adverse events? Let me say my parents, 84 and 78 had none. Some may have arthralgia (joint pain), fever, injection site pain or tenderness, lassitude etc. These are anticipated response to the vaccine. However, do contact your doctor, they will do their ‘due diligence’ but do not panic. Take Tylenol, rest (sleep) and healthy food while you schedule with your doctor.

Should i stop using masks after vaccination?
No, at least so far, science does not merit the discontinuation of masks. Also, check Federal, State and Local guidelines. The Biden administration is making mask wearing more stringent.

Is mask sufficient?
If you are visiting crowded places, closed spaces outside your bubble, people outside your bubble, wear double masks and use protective glasses/goggles. If i step outside for a walk, i use KN95 inside and Surgical (blue white) mask outside.

Is that enough?
No, remember, if you are breathing, you are transpiring air in and out. That also means you may transpire viruses, if those are in the vicinity.

What do we do?
Limit your exposure as much as possible. Yesterday (Sunday), I had a senior industry leader going for shopping/grocery. When asked why? He said, bro we have to eat! You can get home delivery, you can shop when on weekdays, before 2/3 pm when the traffic is light. Avoid Saturday/Sunday.

But there was no one around
Well, we all know, asymptomatic carriers too can shed viruses. How can you say, i am not expelling viruses?

Don’t Second Guess and Don’t Drop your Guards. You have a family to care.

(On behalf of CovidRxExchange)

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