The 2 x 2 Model in Islam

This Blog is being written. It is not yet complete.

Ayan Hirshi Ali, Somali-born Muslim, who now has left the faith and become an atheist, and reformist, has called for reforms in Islam. The Somali-born Hirsi Ali is a compelling and polarizing figure. Now an atheist, she has attacked core tenets of conservative Islam and the morality of the Prophet Muhammed. Her latest book, Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now, calls for, among other things, the West to end its “appeasement” of Islamists and their claims that Islam is a religion of peace. She discussed three things prominently in her book Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now.

  1. Three Borad groups of followers of Islam
  2. The appeacement of Islam by the West or the East –
  3. The indoctrination into radicalization: Preaching, preparing and cultivating the minds of young people.”

She talks about three types of Muslim followers, the Madina Muslims, The Mecca Muslims and the Reformist. I prefer to reclassify her tags into braodly three categories.

Atheist Muslims
Mild and Modest Muslims
The Moderates
The Severe or Radical Muslims

The Radical Category:

A central distinguishing aspects being their faith on the Sharia and Hadith. On a linear scale, I can call it as those who believe in absolute stickler to Sharia and Hidath, and want to impose Sharia and Hidath irrespective of the means, can be called as radicals.

Those who believe, in practicing their faith but not imposing their faith on the others, can be called Moderates and the reformist are those who think out of changing Islam, accept the blame for being called Islamophobia and want o change Islam from within.

In my view, these are fundamental tags, because not every Muslim is a radical, but how best to identify a Muslim radical. For me, the names, Madina, Mecca, or Reformist have lesser significance but the characteristics have more to identify. According to Hirsi Ali, Madina Muslims are the most fundamentalists and radicals, violent and non-violent, who at a minimum want to live under sharia law, which dictates moral, economic, military and social behavior. If someone is preaching sharia law and hadith, they definitely fall under this category. Deobandi and Lucknowi Muslims fall under this category. Jamaat-e-Islami, Hizb ut-Tahrir,

The Moderate Meccas Muslims, quietly and peacefully practice basic Islamic doctrine: pray five times a day, love your neighbor and your children. I know several of the Mecca Muslims, they are truly God fearing and never want to harm or think of harm, always prefer to leave the others for themselves and respect the identity of other (faith).

The last one are the reformist. Ahmadias, Madhavis (and Zikris), Mutazili, Qadariyyah, and the Hizmet, Sufism etc. fall under the last category.

Those preaching sharia law.

“You should be looking out for the sprouting of mosques and Islamic centres. You should be looking out for the establishment of Islamic schools and anything that costs money,” she said via a video link from Boston. “Countries like Saudi Arabia and the oil-wealthy Gulf countries that have absolutely everything that money can buy, yet many of them choose, for their philanthropy, radical Islamic goals, institutions, activities, jihad.

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