Pakistan – An imploding State

By now, it is well established that Pakistan is a failed state. Seventy years of its existence has shown that it has not stood to the ideals of protecting Muslim cause – internally or externally. Despite its repeated attempts, they still want the experiment to continue. Internally, the state of Pakistan has not provided a milieu for its hard working, intelligent people but only deprived its resources towards false cause of statehood. Pakistanis are the ones who have suffered the most from the indulgence of its leaders into incorrect strategies. Below chart shows a clear upsurge in terrorism related deaths. Security force causalities are minimum, whereas civilian and highest followed by terrorists themselves (source SATP – South Asian Terrorist Portal).

Deaths from Terrorism in Pakistan SATP

It has converted itself into a pauper state from its bloated indulgence of power broker in Muslim world. If you look at the QoL, QoP indices, those are terribly poor. If you look at the Consumer Prices, milk is costlier than Petrol. If you see the happiness of the gender, females are suppressed and exploited, to the extent that Pakistani women (staying outside in western world) decline to go to Pakistan because they have to wear hijab. Poor are getting poorer and marginalized are on-boarded for Jihad. Shias and Ahmadi’s are slaughtered frequently, human bombs make it insecure to roam freely without fear in Pakistan, minority religions are totally squashed. Hindus and Christian are blamed with blasphemy. The list goes long, It protected Osama Bin Laden despite he attacking our country and creating 9/11, an indelible impact on the mind of  American psyche.

State Sponsored Terrorism: Operation Topac

South Asian Terrorist Portal lists 44 different terrorist groups based in Pakistan. It has fanned JuM and other terrorist outfits and been a cauldron for all the evils socially and politically. A partial list from the above site is provided as a screenshot. A complete list can be read by visiting the link here. These different entities alternately act as state and stateless agencies to unleash terror. That’s the key industry. Though accidents happen in the industry, sometimes labeled as bystander effect, those are still regulated by OSHA or similar agencies. In Pakistan, there is no protection to the commonmen, the gullible and the vulnerable.

Terror Outfits in Pakistan

Spiritually, it has exploited Islam to baptize it permanently as a political machine and not as a religious ideology.

If there is any little enterprise surviving in Pakistan, it is at the mercy of Military machine, very insignificant is because of individual drive.

It exploited Bangladesh, which broke the shackles and became independent. Pakistan blames India for abetting and supporting the Bangla struggle but these folks would have not remained with the greater Pakistan, had they not be so disenchanted with Paki imperialism. Externally, Pak has created chaos with Afghan (because of the Durand Line), with India (because of its misconception of Islam) and in Kashmir (frequently extending beyond LOC).

It has not stood up to the cause of Islam in Xinjiang or East Europe or the crumbling nations of former USSR. It has unsuccessfully attempted to thwart its own military dictatorship. They displaced Sikhs, Sidhis, Pashtus and Balochis to create a homeland for Muslims for the Deobandis and the Bareilis. Geographically, Pakistan is composed of grab away regions from Sindh, Punjab, Pashtun and Baluch. The Sikhs haven’t forgotten that a vast portion of their motherland, including several of their revered shrines is under Pakistan. Despite creating a state for the followers of its faith, Pakistan treated its immigrant Biharis, UPites and others migrant as Mohajirs.  I don’t see a single count on which they can pride themselves, may be the reader can cite few without comparing with its bete-noire, India. Pakistan is a failed state about to implode and the only thing that is holding it back in military that is savior plus a killer.  It should ideally break into 4 -5 nations for Islamic community that individually caters to Pashtu’s, Balochi’s, Sindh for Sindhis/Mohajir and other ethnic tribes.

I wrote a blog long tome back that Jinnah knew these atrocities and human sufferings with partition but despite cajoled to the Islamic sense of self preservation. Had he been a Hindus, i would have asked to hang him posthumously, the only reason i restrain there is because Islam is based on ‘life in heaven’ and for them martyr is a faith, if those migrating choose to die for their faith; I have no views on that. However, he is culpable for the killing of several millions who were displaced and did not belong to his faith.

Creation of Bangladesh is a classic of why Islamic state should be organized on ethnicities, tribes and regions. A study of Islamic invasion shows a decimation of the original ethnic cultures, rituals and not just religion. Zoroastrians in Persia faced that, shia Iran is still craving for its own identity different from Arab Islam. The story percolates wherever Islam spread. Its rigorous and draconian insistence on its own perspective on God, rules (Sharia laws), culture, rituals destroys the plurality of human civilization.

Few hundred years back, during its time of turmoil, Europe, with its Christianity embedded into politics, went through similar rigors and realized that a separation of religion from state is important. They realized that strategic objective and today, every Muslim and Non-Muslims are clamoring to go to the West. That separation of faith and statecraft is important as a first step towards building modern society.

Being a Hindu by faith, i will not glorify my faith but talk about Bahaism, Jainism and Buddhism. None had state admixed with faith though faith was practiced privately by rulers with an independence for their people to choose their option. Politics was primordial to the development of early Islam. If you see the history immediately after Paigambar’s death, there was a furious and often bloody struggle during the life of the first four Imams. Most were killed. History of no religion show that kind of power struggle and bloodshed, that is characteristic of Islam. None of the religions of the world, have seen such power struggle – be it Buddhist, Jain, Jews, Christians, Bahai, Hindu or Sikhs.

This embedded aggression provides a backbone to the survival of Islam and death is so well supported in its philosophy of “Life after death” with all those 72 virgins. The gullible never realize that they need physical body to indulge in carnal pleasure. Such rudimentary things as center of ethos, play a devastating role on the mind of the ordinary and when hopeless, get easily extolled to Jihad, which plays well in the hands of the state-Imam concoction.

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