Deeper Discounts for Tornado Affected

Rebuilding homes in Canton and surrounding area is a tremendous effort and an unplanned financial burden for the residents of Canton and Van Zandt County. This request is for building supply material Vendors to provide additional discount for building material during this trying times.

Building Supply Vendors should consider giving deeper discount to Tornado affected residents in Van Zandt County, Texas.

Please sign this request and forward this message via email, text or social media to all those affected to sign it at the earliest.

Ash Heda
PO Box, 154, Canton, Texas 75103

On April 29, 2017, four tornadoes devastated Canton, and several places Van Zandt County.  Some homeowners were covered by insurance, while others were partially and many were not covered adequately with insurance. Rebuilding Canton and vicinity is a significant effort. Everyone has to put their efforts and is a request to the vendors such as Home Depot, Tractor Supply Company and Lumber Companies to provide additional discount to those affected due to tornadoes.

Loss of homes and rebuilding those back is an emotionally shattering experience. More so, it is a large unplanned financial burden to all those affected irrespective of coverage from the insurance. This request is for those vendors like Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Lowes and Lumber Companies in Van Zandt County to provide sufficient discount and help families rebuild their homes.

I request you all to sign this message and forward this to all those affected. This request will eventually go to the regional office of the vendor’s named above.

Thank you,

Ash Heda,

Canton, Texas

Link to vendor petition

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Immediate reason

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Envisioning IS Security Strategy

Reactive versus proactive Information Security

Given the existing cyberenvironment in which enterprise devices (IoT) exists, it is pertinent to adopt a defense posture that is ahead of the adversaries. Definitely deploying defense in depth and adopting controls based on attack modes are not sufficient. Concurrently, it is impossible to encapsulate assets and resources with all possible controls in proverbial and not practical. Adopting a pragmatic approach based on right strategy that consists on being ahead of adversaries and staying ahead of adversaries is critical.