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I share the same vision like you all, to be more inclusive towards all and work on our age old enshrined ethos and value. I would appreciate you suggesting alternate options, opinion or approach. Please provide your likes or dislikes. In case you dislike, please share your reason for dislikes.

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I am an Anti-war, pro-secular Indophile activist. If you are leaning the other way and cannot tolerate differing views, I would urge you to keep away from these blogs. By no means, I intend to hurt any feeling. I voice my opinion, in accordance with the free speech, to influence my minuscule audience.

If you visit my blog site, I would insist on reading and interpreting the blogs, not just making a conclusion based on title of the blogs. I invite you to differ and add comments. That’s my best way to connect with my audience.

Envisioning IS Security Strategy

Reactive versus proactive Information Security

Given the existing cyberenvironment in which enterprise devices (IoT) exists, it is pertinent to adopt a defense posture that is ahead of the adversaries. Definitely deploying defense in depth and adopting controls based on attack modes are not sufficient. Concurrently, it is impossible to encapsulate assets and resources with all possible controls in proverbial and not practical. Adopting a pragmatic approach based on right strategy that consists on being ahead of adversaries and staying ahead of adversaries is critical.