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Community Cameras Vs Home (Perimeter) Cameras

For Emerald Valley Only. Please forward to residents of Emerald Valley Only.

In general, holiday season in itself is a sufficient reason to see a spike in security related issues. Recently, we saw few security related incidences such as the cone placement or specific homes being targeted. Community cameras are definitely a great option. Several complex issues make the decision making difficult.

I talked about the top ten things that need to be considered while choosing community cameras. As against community cameras, Home (Perimeter) cameras offer an easy cost effective decision. In addition, it is available anywhere (where connectivity is available) on your smart phone. In addition to having cameras, we can supplement those with Neighborhood Watch Sign with Smart Alert. All these will act as deterrence.

Understand, this is deterrence, crime will not stop or be reduced to zero with any of the above efforts. Please visit the link to share your opinion.

Community cameras are definitely a great option. Choosing a right technology, placing the cameras at vantage points, monitoring those (in real time and historical), archiving, retrieval the saved information and policies on retrieval (viewing data) bear down the decision on proceeding with the cameras. All these activities need resources and we can either explore mobilizing our own home owners doing that or hire outside resources ($125, 000 for five years, a costly option). Thus funding also becomes a critical issue for the success of this initiative.

While we resolve the complex decisions around community cameras, I had suggested earlier using “Dummy Cameras”. The design of those dummy cameras can be made to retrofit, if we decide to proceed with permanent community cameras, once we choose a permanent option. Dummy cameras backed up with signs such as “Neighborhood Watch with Smart Phone Alert” can dissuade or discourage many. Thus, reactivating Neighborhood watch and repainting those signs indicating Neighborhood Watch with Smart Phone Alert will provide an interim workable option.

Below, I have reactivated the polls to collect the community opinion.  Please forward this to anyone within the community. These polls will end on Dec 26, 2016. Please visit the link on I have called out the Top Ten Things to consider while placing the community cameras.

Several factors are important while choosing and placing the cameras. Eg. Fixed focal length lenses are available in various fields of views: wide, medium, and narrow. A lens that provides a “normal” focal length creates a picture that approximates the field of view of the human eye. A wide-angle lens has a short focal length, and a telephoto lens has a long focal length.

Top Ten Things to Consider while Placing Community Cameras

  1. Location of the cameras – unobstructed view, redundancy (if one fails or obstructed by a vehicle, alternate place for capturing). Away from Vandalism. Mounting Electric poles or homes where cameras can be
  2. Types of cameras (depth of field) – narrow angle, wide angle regular, pan tilt zoom (PTZ) etc. Wide angle is required at the entrance and exit, where as a narrow angle will be required while focusing on the alley or narrow street. Zooming will help if there is active monitoring. Tilt and pan will serve a similar purpose.
  3. Frame per second – remember, intruders will be very fast and agile in completing their tasks. Higher number of frames per second helps in gathering precise information
  4. Night vision enabled cameras are a must obviously since thefts are like to occur while it is dark.
  5. Cloud storage and safety of the data is critical. While dealing with a cloud solution, you may want to explore if that is from the manufacturer or service provider.
  6. Power option – solar powered are best preferred.
  7. Integrating all the cameras into single dashboard is not a difficulty thing but you need folks with sound knowledge in networking.
  8. Monitoring (do we want real time monitoring?). Who will be responsible for retrieving older information, how long do we save that information etc.)
  9. Policies and Access to Saved data needs an adequate understanding from the users. This is one key aspect that will cause a lot less heartburn if resolved early on.
  10. CCTV and cabling

Don’t forget to account for – 

  1. Installation cost (not the purchase cost)
  2. Maintenance (include services, repair or replacement)

Overall, you need Governance on all these aspects. A group of dedicated folks with experience and or understanding on the different aspects need to handle all issues related with cameras. I know, you might have just thought that I made it so difficult. However, it is easy to install and very difficult to maintain unless you have given an adequate thought to all these aspects.

How about Residential Cameras?

Home perimeter cameras are still a good option. Cheaper, no hassle decision, and monitoring under home owners control (on the Smart Phone). In addition, they provide granular information right until where the incidence is happening (in this case your home). My personal experience has been exceedingly good since the time of placing (Perimeter) Home Cameras. Dummy Cameras on my farm have provided me a lot of safety too.

Use the same 10 principles mentioned above while installing home perimeter cameras.

To conclude  

Multiple layers of security are required to secure our community. Each has its place, advantages and disadvantages. Also, just in case one fails, we have other layers of security. While a decision of installing community cameras is not an easy one, community should explore interim options, such as dummy camera, that are easy to deploy.

Not sure why we wait in closing decisions on issues that matter us universally? Do you think you don’t need this because you will never be affected? Are we waiting for someone to take an initiative? Are we opposed to installing cameras? Simply voice your opinion. It stays anonymous.

Please share your opinion –

To see additional opinion from community members on security related issues or for additional links on below topics, visit documents or links on –

The blog mentioned above offers hyperlinks to topics or documents addressing concerns on – 

  1. GUIDELINES FOR PUBLIC VIDEO SURVEILLANCE: A guide to protecting communities and preserving civil liberties
  2. An example of Camera Policies from University of Wisconsin at Green Bay
  3. Code of practice: A guide to the 12 principles (This does not apply to US scenario but it offers good understanding of issues to consider)
  4. Camera Types from Brick House Security (Offers an understanding of different types of cameras)
  5. Principles of Design for Operational Risk Reduction



Who Am I? – Swami Sarvapriyananda from Mandukya Upanishad

Knowing and identifying oneself amongst the ocean of humanity and understanding the journey of our soul through this material universe is always a hard struggle. We often get drowned into the deluge from our own (ego) involvement. While we are living this material life, we understand the importance of self and how best to maintain the balance between self and this eternal journey through this transient world. Swami Sarvapriyananda explains this in the accompanying youtube video. A must for all professionals who are on the rising path.

Swami Sarvapriyananda at IITK – “Who Am I?” according to Mandukya Upanishad-Part 1

Swami Sarvapriyananda-“Secret of Concentration” at IIT Kanpur

Swami Sarvapriyananda-“BHAGVAD GITA FOR STUDENTS” at IIT Kanpur

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How can we erase bad memories?

Human experiences are a collation of good and bad incidences, events and experiences. Our experiences uniquely define us. It is absolutely understandable when we lose those blemishes and get that onslaught from those trepidations of life. Often, we our adverse experiences influence our current perception and create an unwanted filter that muddles our normal interaction.  Often, it leaves us in agony and that agony consumes a lot of our energies. How do we do that? Understanding, appreciating and respecting our individual experiences.

Understanding the blemishes

I often equate it with a utensil that comes out of a factory. When it is manufactured, just out in the open market, it is shining, glistening and unblemished. As this moves forward in life, it starts losing it glitter, often getting into skirmishes and sometimes indentations, small and big. Some of those completely deface the utensil but most often, we see lost glitter, some small indentations. That state defines the identity of the utensil. It is hard to bring the original shine or remove those indentations. Why?

Comparing is our two edged sword

Because we compare this state with that original just manufactured state. Comparing is our worst enemy, comparing with our original state, comparing with our peers, comparing with our siblings and comparing with our competitors. Somewhere, while comparing degrades ourselves. Ideally, comparison offers a benchmark that should provide an insight, however, we compare quantitatively and qualitatively with utter disregards to that insight.

Accepting the glory of our experiences

Let me give another example. What is so good about a soldier who never sustained any injuries? We feel proud about the injuries a soldier sustains while in the battle field. On the contrary, if a soldier protects himself from such injuries to maintain his cosmetic semblance to original handsome state, one would hardly be impressed with that.

Life’s journey is similar; we should feel proud about those moments and cherish those as our unique experiences. Those onslaughts are truly unique moments that define our life, our wisdom and our new self.

Recognizing and honoring the wisdom within

Let us imagine a life of a student graduating from college. He labored hard for the required period of time to gain that knowledge and wisdom. Those experiences have changed her/his perception and deeply defined his views. What if he comes to use his old repository of knowledge and think in the same old fashioned way? This is certainly not acceptable to anyone. Real life is similarly a school where we learn and accumulate our own set of experiences and gain knowledge that reflects, eventually as wisdom. We have to feel proud about our own experiences.

Coming back to the journey of soul through this material world, we can change our own perception of human experiences, we can stop comparing and if we try enjoying the new battle hardened state, understand that this is the true existence and appreciate the beauty, assimilate those strains of life, and cherish that as part of our cycle of karma, we should lessen or possibly remove and delete the pain from those estranged and tangled memories.

Yes, we change the perception of our battle hardened Karma.

That Tribal ‘Forward’ Instinct

Facebook, WhatsApp and other News Media have only consolidated our beleaguered self. We want to spread the news before anyone. Any sensational news, irrespective of its impact on the common man, or the society in general, are circulated without due diligence.

I have two interesting stories to share – first, a hoax that is spreading on cancer and the second one, a notion that our religion or faith is under threat or fire.

For those without any technical understanding on cancer, it is a disease that is a consequence of loss of control by the body mechanism over it’s ability to stop incessant multiplication and subsequent spread beyond the organ of origin. This spread correlates with the stages of cancer, which most of my non medical readers are aware. Transformation of a normal cell to cancer is one of the most complex mechanisms, and every organ has multiple pathways of deregulations and within each organ, subtle differences exists that make certain cancers more dreaded than others. However, suffice it to say that current scientific literature is devoid of any evidence that links Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin or Laetrile). It is DEFINITELY NOT DUE TO DEFICIENCY OF VITAMIN B17.


You may visit one of the latest landmark work in this field by Bode and Dong, ‘Toxic phytochemicals and their potential risks for human cancer’ (


Though I cited an example of Muslim faith, Islam is not the only religion in the world that feels so. Recently, Hindus, Christians and other faith leaders are gradually immersing their ideology and believers to this proposition. So, let us understand these as phenomenon rather than a criticism for a particular religion.

Cancer is not a disease but a deficiency and manufactured by the drug industry

The hoax:

Cancer is not a disease but a deficiency of Vitamin B: It was a Sunday morning and as usual, a friend forwarded that. Of course his understanding on cancer is miniscule. However, worst, the same story was received from a retired professor from a medical school.

Sometimes, I fail to understand the logic. Some semi-experts who work on the fringe or periphery of the field, having some semblance of understanding about cancer, put up facts and fiction and circulate these stories. It is mainstream fashion to add little science and mix with much fiction (not tested hypothesis) and make a juicy story that will catch the imagination of the common man. I also fail to understand how these people think that all the researchers, all the medical practitioners and the entire paraprofessionals working in the field lack ethics and values. They ultimately try to prove that are the demystifier of the falsehood and the ultimate revealers of truth. By falsely claiming so, they not only malign and tarnish the ethos, values and hard work of all the people working in the field but end up widening the existing sense of trust deficit within the system.

The truth:

If you carefully see the picture below or review this with a doctor who has had fundamental learning (didactics) in pathology, I bet by consensus, you will find them disagreeing on the picture of cancer below. Anyone having seen cancer cells under a microscope will agree that the picture below has no resemblance to cancer cell. However, it has a closer resemblance, possibly to an imaginary octopus.

The link to that hoax – cancer is not a disease; it is a business. Cancer consists of only a deficiency of vitamin B17.

In our quest for knowledge, we are striving to understand, diagnose and manage the menace of cancer afflicting mankind. Much can be said about the progress that has achieved with cancer. However, we are humans and we are learning, every time we cross a barrier, we dismantle our earlier understanding and expand the horizons of our learning. Consequently, we see changing guidelines, part of the reason why we see differences in the practice from a decade and now.

Several links to the truth are innumerable, an important one here –


Our religion is under attack:

It has become an in-thing to believe that one’s religion or ideology is under threat. If you presume, I am talking about Muslims, you need course correction. Believers, irrespective of religions feel their faith and ideology is under threat, or at least their so called guardians or believers want everyone, including those practicing, to believe so. The killing of a young woman in Virginia is a case in point.

Of course, this is another forward from a Muslim friend (but Muslims are not an exception) who shared news on how a Muslim girl, while leaving a Mosque after offering prayers, was killed as a consequence of a hate crime. Obviously, he wanted me to believe this happening. Being outside his religion, I could clearly see the bias and I pointed out that we should wait for the crime detection agencies to validate the cause. It can be any roadside ragamuffin who might have mugged/ attacked and it may not be a premeditated hate crime. The question was simple – a person bent on retribution will do a newsworthy act, not a roadside attack on a single person. To me, that was clearly an act of robbery rather than hate crime.

We have that tribal instinct deeply embedded within us that makes us spread rumors without validating those. It is that rudimentary instinct that does not think about responsible civic behavior. It has that uncanny childish attitude of keeping itself as the center of attraction. All these are at the cost of society, civil norms and years of systematic learning. While doing all these, we tend to forget the toll it takes on the society, the time consumed in discussing unrequired rumors, the trust deficit and the polarization that ensues.

The Hoax – The initial link from a news channel on the isolated hate crime

My obvious argument was to wait for the law agencies complete their investigation and prove the motive, then make an impression. Of course, such logical arguments are not liked or appreciated. As usual, this friend labeled me as ‘non-sympathetic’ towards his religion. In next 18 hours, the same newspaper published another news on the same incidence.

The truth – The story posted by same news channel 18 hours after the incidence

Let us think or validate before forwarding

We all have a responsibility to filter the information and think through the consequences of forwarding newsworthy items. Spreading sensational, unvalidated news without understanding the impact amounts to irresponsible civic behavior that may cast doubt on our character. It is closer to our tribal instincts and drowns all the civilized efforts and education we so much fashion ourselves with.

The Irresponsible Idiot inside me

For generations now, news has been always sensational, something apart from the normal, something that evokes the irrational, tribal fear within us, something that needs immediate gratification to perplexing perpetual and often festering problems. Almost daily, we all fall prey to such follies, of not validating the truth behind such sensational messages; we get caught in with our own internal bias and become a proponent of that rumor. I too committed a faux pass by forwarding a message. Social Media Technology like WhatsUp may be new but forwarded messages is not a new phenomenon. We all have that instinct of contributing to the rumor mill by adding unvalidated views.

Our times are keenly watching radical Muslim onslaught and the reaction from their moderates. However, Islam is not the only religion displaying radical aggressiveness. We see that radical manifestation spreading gradually amongst other religions too. Views and perspectives are getting percolated and barriers and prejudices are being built. Humanity, and especially our next generation, is getting caught in polarizing views that are diametrically opposite. Biases are subjugated and getting percolated through these media and the real enemy is we, those users who are not validating information and adding forwards to rumor mills.

I have two questions to both the polar sides –

1. Irrespective of the content of either message or the ground realities, does it add to social harmony, stability and peace?

2. We all agree with our believe systems. But have we reached out and made attempts to understand how many agree with our polar views?

Religion is sacrosanct to Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhist equally. However, while practicing our faith, we have purposefully chosen to interpret a selected meaning and introduced our own bias. Are these medieval biases helping us? Is there a need to revisit and decipher the message for humanity (and possibly expunge the old messages that tear us apart). We need an ideology to guide us through these trying and tormenting times, to stabilize the new norm of globalization, ideological conflict and technological evolution. However, while we are struggling to achieve that, let us behave responsibly by not forwarding any message that will deprive the community of harmony and peace. Let us not forward any sensational provocative news.

For generations now, news has been always sensational, something apart from the normal, something that evokes the irrational, tribal part within us, something that needs immediate gratification to perplexing perpetual problems. If I say a particular political or religious leader devoured a person say, another businessman or a slender gender, it immediately evokes that sense of interest. However, if I write another article on how the same person completed his job successfully, it is devoid of news.

We all are prone to such scandalous traps. This morning, I saw a WhatsApp message that talked how a Canadian Mayor refused to ban pork from school Canteen.  Since the message aligned with my own ideology, I forwarded that message to a select few, from mostly my own religion and a few Muslim friends whom I consider close and with whom I yearn to have this dialog (not to hurt their sentiments but to bridge the chasm of ideological differences by overtly expressing rather than behind the back passionate discussions.

My two Muslim brothers responded. One, whom I can call neo-liberal Abdul, a doctor by profession, based in UAE, another Aslam, a traditional mainstream based in US (names changed to anonymize identity). I am appending Abdul ‘s comments (the neo-liberal Muslim friend who is practicing as a Surgeon in UAE).


Aslam, my friend from our small home town, now settled in US felt the message was a hoax and forwarded another message that supported the ban on pork.


The above are two polar extremes, a version between two hardliners…

Almost daily, we all fall prey to such follies, of not validating the truth behind such sensational messages; we get caught in with our own internal bias and become a proponent of that rumor. I, however, have two questions to both the polar sides –

  1. How many believers agree with the other diametrically opposite polar extreme?
  2. Irrespective of the content of either message or ground realities, does it add to social harmony, stability and peace?

That’s the concern with identity – religion is far secondary in the notion of identity and humanity is caught in this unrelenting quagmire, neither polar side attempting to reach out to the other (and understanding what the others feel) and neither intending to move out of status quo… including you and I.

We feel our identity – as a nation, as an ethnic stalk, as a religion and a culture are superior to others.

We are so much wrapped and warped in this notion of self-prophesying truth that we rarely think of stepping out of the cocoon of self-serving identity calamity and ever venture out to seek truth.

Muslim Protest and Rallies

I have never seen a rally a Muslim terrorist bombed when San Bernardino, or Manchester or London Bridge. I have seen Muslims protesting against Trump’s ban on immigrants from six nations (of note, he did not ban Muslims from other 54 Muslim nations). The world is often surprised to see how Muslims flocked to protest Trump’s decision. I have no intent to politicize this issue but Muslims could have seen this issue independent of Trumps background and perspective. They could have asked a simple question –

  1. Has he banned all the immigrants from all the 60 Muslim nations?
  2. What’s wrong in banning immigrants from strive torn nation sending people prone for violence? Are we not screening and doing background check (in a granular way to validate the same intent)?

Agreed Palestine-Israel issue is perpetually hot, agreed India-Pakistan border skirmishes are unrelenting but when will Muslim rise in opposing any incidence of violence, be it San Bernardino, London Bridge or the concert at Manchester?

No one can be spared for violence or perpetuating violence directly or indirectly but those who stand muted to violence, especially to their own brethren’s, commit bigger atrocities by tacitly encouraging such phenomenon.  It is easy to assume Muslims are only responsible for such aggressive behavior. Not true, radicalism is on the rise in India too and India is not an exception. We see pockets of radical outbursts gradually expanding and confluencing.

Mumbai Muslims are iconoclast

If Muslims are responsible, so are others who are following the same path of aggressive assertion. Why can’t we oppose our own son who does a wrong? When we oppose our son doing a wrong, the message is beyond moral, it enshrines our faith in humanity and it emboldens our own values and virtues. I admire Mumbai Muslims, who refused a burial ground to Ajmal Kasab or the mother of the London Bridge bomber, who said, she will devote her life to find how much extremism has infiltrated her society and how best to stop.

Fighting over Cow Slaughter and Pork Ban

In India banning cow slaughter in in vogue right now.  We have forgotten that India belongs to its people, we have also forgotten that it is respecting cow is a vestige of a transition to an agrarian society. Of course, she serves multitudes of reasons, foremost amongst those her status of being at the epicenter of an entire utility world we created cow being at the center of this agrarian ecosystem. Do we really need to ban cow and stop eating beef? Do we truly want to impose our ideology on the minority, who practice different religious belief? A solution for cow proponents – those who vehemently oppose beef ban, can buy all those old cows marked for beef and protect them at quarantine with their money. Protecting them with personal donation will offer two fold advantages – a feeling of piousness and the ultimate service towards cows.

Is it right to ban pork from a multicultural multiethnic school canteen? Are we opposing inclusiveness? Where are we heading? It is a number game. If we are a majority, we want to dominate. We want our will to flourish over others.

Religion for the Global World

Protecting cow or pork ban was perfectly fine in a small compartmentalized old world. With globalization, technological innovation and evolution, we need to evolve with distinctly different ideologies that would support harmony and peace to coexist humanity and assimilate and adopt to the newer challenges of homogenized world.

Do we ban WhatsUp or Twitter or Facebook?

Certainly not! I need a religion that guides humanity to see above ourselves, an ideology that offers a perspective to see a diverse perspective other than ours, an ability to withstand criticism, and an ability to accept that diversity with sagacity. . If we are wrong, we should have the audacity to admit, unwavering support to wrong will never espouse the cause of humanity. We need a religion that will enlighten us from advocating such rumors, an ability to validate the information I receive, and think through (about humanity) before forwarding.


Donate for Tornado Affected

In the last few days that I have been talking with my family friends and professional circle and I got a deep realization that, that benevolence, that kindness is deep within you all. I am no exception. You all feel so strongly for the cause of those affected.

It bonds us when we stand together in times of crisis, when we share the pain and pathos, when we lend a hand to get them back to life. None of those whom I approached declined to help. Everyone I turned towards for getting this help is equally motivated and supportive towards those affected. Time is of essence and those who have lost the roof over their head don’t have a holiday, weekdays and weekends sound same to those distraught.

Canton and a swath of East Texas were hit by Tornado on April 29, 2017. As per one government estimate, almost 5200 addresses were significantly damaged or affected. Many amongst these were those who are economically deprived and never had any coverage – home or auto. Looking at the plight, it is natural desire to help these victims. While the local and state government are doing their best, it is utmost important that, we citizen/residents who are not affected share their pain and plight.

Roof blown away

Roof Gone

It bonds us when we stand together in times of crisis, when we share the pain and pathos, when we lend a hand to get them back to life. None of those whom I approached declined to help. Everyone I turned towards for getting this help is equally motivated and supportive towards those affected. Time is of essence and those who have lost the roof over their head don’t have a holiday, weekdays and weekends sound same to those distraught.

No Home left Behind

No Home Left Behind.png

In the last few days that I have been talking with my family friends and professional circle and I got a deep realization that, that benevolence, that kindness is deep within you all. I am no exception. You all feel so strongly for the cause of those affected.

Trust me, you will be amazed how strong that feeling resides within each of us and when you approach your network, you will be surprised to see those deeply embedded humane feelings, that aptitude to help someone not related to us.

Together we can, small contributions help

Can you pledge an amount for those affected? Only 5% of that amount should come directly from your pocket, the remainder should be from your network of family, friends and profession.

  • You pledge an amount, say $200
    • Only 5% donated you
    • 95% from your network
  • Please ask your family members, friends and professionals to pledge additionally and create their own network of donors
  • Money goes directly to the City of Canton, no intermediate handling of the donations
    • VZCtornadorelieffund2017
    • The above account is set up by the Van Zandt County for the Tornado affected victims
  • You only collate the names of those donors and the amount they donated
  • Donors can contact Commissioner s Office to validate the cause and the account details on below address –
    • Susan Strickland, Secretary to the Commissioner’s Office, Van Zandt County, Texas
    • Commissioners office can be reached out on 903 567 2166
    • You may Google and reach their office

Those without a roof on their head have no Saturday or Sunday, Night and Day are same for them. Please don’t wait, do it as a priority and do it before you forget. This world exists with the benevolence of us all.

Thank you,

Ash Heda

PS: If you have a question, please reach me on my cell (972 345 0508) or email (

Faces of destruction – news and images, ‘Tornado Ravaged Van Zandt County’, April 29, 2017 –

Rebuilding Canton and vicinity:

Officer Ron Duke’s Story:

Campaign launched –

Deeper Discount to Tornado affected –

Petition on Change.Org for Discounted Material

National Weather Service Ranks East Texas Tornado

Surviving the Storm: Life After East Texas Tornadoes

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10 Dead, Dozens Hurt After Tornadoes Hit Texas, South

Fruitvale Church Puts Their Faith To Action Cleaning Up

Tornados rip through Canton, Van Zandt County, killing at least four and injuring dozens


Deeper Discounts for Tornado Affected

Rebuilding homes in Canton and surrounding area is a tremendous effort and an unplanned financial burden for the residents of Canton and Van Zandt County. This request is for building supply material Vendors to provide additional discount for building material during this trying times.

Building Supply Vendors should consider giving deeper discount to Tornado affected residents in Van Zandt County, Texas.

Please sign this request and forward this message via email, text or social media to all those affected to sign it at the earliest.

Ash Heda
PO Box, 154, Canton, Texas 75103

On April 29, 2017, four tornadoes devastated Canton, and several places Van Zandt County.  Some homeowners were covered by insurance, while others were partially and many were not covered adequately with insurance. Rebuilding Canton and vicinity is a significant effort. Everyone has to put their efforts and is a request to the vendors such as Home Depot, Tractor Supply Company and Lumber Companies to provide additional discount to those affected due to tornadoes.

Loss of homes and rebuilding those back is an emotionally shattering experience. More so, it is a large unplanned financial burden to all those affected irrespective of coverage from the insurance. This request is for those vendors like Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Lowes and Lumber Companies in Van Zandt County to provide sufficient discount and help families rebuild their homes.

I request you all to sign this message and forward this to all those affected. This request will eventually go to the regional office of the vendor’s named above.

Thank you,

Ash Heda,

Canton, Texas

Link to vendor petition

Other links –

Rebuilding Canton and vicinity:

Officer Ron Duke’s Story:

Petition on Change.Org for Discounted Material