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“I believe if both countries put in the effort, the kind angels can triumph over evil forces.”

Above is the message from the Chinese Foreign Ministry for President Biden (POTUS now). I can see the overtures, the flirtations and i compare it to the dance of a male beetle to lure a female. While those flirtations are promiscuous, they hardly last longer. Especially, in the case of China, those can be a hug (huge) of death.

Two decades ago, it was all good between the US (along with the West) and China, when the US started insisting on stopping the steal of its intellectual property. Thereafter, it expanded to currency manipulation. Remember, currency manipulation is not in the WTO, but others measures of parity are. China, by then, found a backdoor. With IP stealing, it never had to do anything except censor its borders.

Over a period of time, the confrontation grew more rambunctious as did the polarization. More western countries joined the US bandwagon. Opportunism is an essential element of sly, and after the 2008 financial crisis, realizing the weakness in the US and global economic health, China started flexing its muscles.

Though IP copyright could be contested at the global apex trade body, currency manipulations was not. China reinvented itself and emerged with “reverse engineering” model that it applied to the Soviet Fighter planes of 1960’s. By now, it was the age of cybercrime. Initially, indulging in petty credit card theft, it steadily grew into cyber espionage and commercial stealing. Almost a horde of Cyberarmy was launched to … (continued) post interruption…

Hours after the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden, China sought to draw a line under four years of bitter tensions with Washington by urging the new administration to turn its back on the policies of Donald Trump. “In the past years, the Trump administration, especially Pompeo, has laid too many mines that need to be removed, burned too many bridges that need to be rebuilt, damaged too many roads that need to be repaired,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters in Beijing on Thursday.

China urges Biden to reopen Trump-blocked lines of communication

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