The hooligans of billionaire

While the ceremonial proceedings of accepting the newly elected Presidents were being conducted in the pulpit of democratic temple, an absolutely brazen act was unleashed by Donald Trump on the Capitol. The moment of truth has come, Joe Biden is now the President of the US.

Though such act throws us into revulsion, and it is easy to castigate the poor and the wrongly guided mob that burst out on the Capitol. However, it is yet another reflection of two things – of the widening chasm between the have’s and the Have Not’s and those who are ready to exploit the chasm.

President Trump has to provide an explanation. It is a must that he be removed even though only 13 days are remaining for his presidency to end. We never know what harm he will inflict further.

Excerpts from New York Times below –

Deplatforming: After the mayhem on Wednesday, the president was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours and from Facebook for at least the next two weeks, but Greg Bensinger argues in The Times that the bans should be permanent. “Jan. 6, 2021, ought to be social media’s day of reckoning,” he writes. “There is a greater calling than profits, and Zuckerberg and Twitter’s C.E.O., Jack Dorsey, must play a fundamental role in restoring truth and decency to our democracy and democracies around the world.”

Unleashing hooliganism on Capitol

By all means, the hooliganism at the Capitol is equivalent to treason. It is an act of sabotage and it should be treated appropriately. Those nay Sayers, let me ask you – If I were to provoke such act any legislative premise, threaten the lawmakers, ransack the house, and injure policeman, do you think I should be pardoned?

By no means, everyone should have a similar treatment in the eyes of law.

Shashank Heda,

Dallas, Texas

Pro-Trump mob storms Capitol, disrupting electoral count

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