Coup d’etat

While a pseudo coup d’etat was being attempted at the global Capitol of democracy, the actual coup was pulled by China with the signing of the deal with Europe.

We deride Trump for whatever he did or whatever he is doing, but understand, Trump is a reaction to current challenges.

There is a certain homeostasis or a balance that works within nature and when that balance is perturbed, things go topsy turvy. No sane leader could counter China as much as Trump did. At every level – strategy, tactical or operations, he embedded right momentum to browbeat China, and right so, it is required.

It was pretty much evident, that a similar alliance, if persistent, could cordon off a sequestering philosophy of an aspiring middle kingdom to dominate the world.

Most economic coffers were after getting dried up, with the unleashing and smoldering from the pandemic. Chinese debt, was rising significantly from all its (mis)adventures – Ghost cities, BRI, Global ports and Sea Lines or the South China Sea debacle.

It was increasingly getting evident, that with the drying or the customers and the mounting debt, China would succumb under its own weight.

However, with the inking of this deal with EU, China has garnered a huge customer base to bail itself out of the current morass and get a reprieve from its crumbling weight of debt.

This coup d’etat was certainly beyond the radar and it was certain a surprise.

Shashank Heda,
Dallas, Texas

Analysis: China splits Atlantic with game-changing EU investment deal

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