The Stockholm Syndrome Revisited

Well, let me caution the use of language, Trump’s language from 2016 GOP primaries. During along with nine member debate, Trump said Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas, had a very small phallus. As if that was not enough, low energy and other rants were hurled at his GOP competitors. Today, after living with the Trump Captivity, Ted Cruz is ultimately a transformed man. Along with his Cabal, he is ready to disqualify a correctly conducted and court(s) validated outcome that Biden has won. Cruz and Cabal want those results thrown out and desperately want Trump to run the show at the cost of the nation.

What’s behind it?
Stockholm Syndrome is a survival mechanism. If you review the psychodynamics, you realize that a continuous opposition and despise of those keeping an individual in captivity plays deeply on the morale of the hostage. Feigning that they are ok superficially and having a deep discontent internally are likely to create cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is a deeply demoralizing phenomenon, and the avoidance mechanism kicks in. That’s the transition that brings the alignment between the captor and the captive.

Gains? Rewards?
Simple, even if it is not Stockholm Syndrome, who would not want to inherit the legacy votes that Trump garnered? That’s the ruthless politics that people indulge, for political survival, even at the cost of the nation. Or maybe they know, let me play that role, some good cop may eventually come to the rescue. But it is worth inheriting that huge chunk of votes for future elections. Why squander?

850 Million Dollars?
As the Senate seats are being contested in Georgia, almost 800 plus millions have already been spent, for an outcome that was hardly a surprise. Democrats are leading both the seats, and it will provide a sway for President-Elect Biden to pass his policies.

Let’s hope for the best!

Shashank Heda
Dallas, Texas

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