How Can I Prevent COVID-19?

A Case of Complacency – Pachangas, Funerals, and Marriages

Well, you all know Salsas, the Mexican dance that enthralls all adolescents and adults. We Cha Cha and Pachanga are similar festivities that are celebrated amongst the Mexican, irrespective of their region. Before COVID and yes, despite COVID, Mexican families met to celebrate their family union, with dance, food, and music, to celebrate their families’ oneness and bondage.

These Pachangas that kept them together ultimately served the death notice via COVID-19. Pachanga’s and COVID-19 are rampant amongst the Spanish in Texas, and families are dying like flies. It’s tragic and painful, full of pathos to leave behind the loved one.

Funeral and Marriages:

People have been meeting over funerals in Dakotas, and that has lit the fire on COVID-19. Well, the stories are not very dissimilar in India. The only difference is that rather than being a departure, it is a union. People have been meeting over marriages and contracting COVID-19. Similar stories resonate here in the US amongst Indian families. Bored at home, people have started socializing, and the incidence of COVID has taken an upward trend.

Well, I need to tell you the story of a mother, a wife of a doctor who is deeply involved in the care of COVID. The doctor, his wife, and all the kids got COVID-19. How? The mother was always following cautions; however, on a specific business trip, she encountered a vendor without masks. Of course, he was asymptomatic. That rolled the story for COVID-19. Complacency, of presuming that the vendor is without symptoms and ok to have a meeting without a mask, started it all. As of now, the entire family of six is in the hospital, and if we are fortunate, will recover from COVID-19.

So these are three different stories from three continents. The first from the Mexico-US border (Southern Texas). The second from Russia, and the third from India.

Well, is Six feet enough? All these events are a clear indications that six feet is not enough. Let us stay secluded when the fire is engulfing the jungle.

How can I prevent COVID-19?

Well, reflections should help. These are the three distinct patterns, and we have to find a way. It is within your reach. Just that, it needs a determination to stay on course.

Three simple rules

  1. Stay away from gathering, shopping and any event
  2. Complacency and boredom is the killer
  3. Six feet is not enough, and wearing mask only offers partial protection.

Merry Christmas! 2020!

Celebrate Christmas in the company of your family bubble!

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