A Vassal Alliance

For decades now, Pakistan was a nuisance state with constant pain in the a.. for India. It has not yet realized the imbecility of its constant animosity with India. Consistently, it has eroded the nationals from the progress they deserved after dreaming of a promised land for their brethren. Today, as it stands, it is a failed state, just propped up and kept intact like a Chinaware, so that the fragments should not become a thorny issue from the breakaway remnant.

Credit: https://www.toonsmag.com/tamed/

Pakistan cannot sustain the Air Force or the cost of retaining sustenance on the Army. Its Army is a state within the state. It has is a financing enterprise that has sustained and grown at the cost of the state and its people. It’s like a vulture, a parasite, that has turned a symbiotic relationship into cannibalizing its people.

Credits: https://ummaabroadcasting.us/2020/10/23/why-cant-he-read-the-last-line/

Pakistan has ignored the very essence of its foundation – of safeguarding it Umma (brothers of Islam) by ignoring the atrocities in Uyghur. When a nation ignores its foundation to sustain its existence, it becomes a vassal state. That’s what Pakistan is for China.

China was no lesser with its covert intent. China has been no less irritant with a simmering border dispute that continually encroaches and nibbles India’s territory. I have echoed several aspects of China into several of my blogs. So, it’s worth redirecting the readers to those blogs. China is no dumb strategist. It knows the incompetence of a nation like Pakistan. However, the alliance is only to lockdown and engage India while China is pounding from the East. It knows Pakistan cannot bring significant traction to any incursions except as a nuisance that distracts India during a war. The same logic holds during peace. It provides succor and a sense of security for both the nations, especially when an alliance such as QUAD is developing in the South China Sea. QUAD is not the only alliance; we see the Five Eye, the Seven Eye, and the Nine Eye alliance and Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Myanmar joining as subsidiaries in the South China Seas.

Now that Pakistan and China have joined hands, the nexus is out in the open. Glad that the unholy alliance between Pakistan and China has surfaced overtly. However, the coalition has its own weaknesses. It reflects India’s strength: it takes two nations (Pakistan and China) to counter India. However, Pakistan’s inherent flaws and the uneven relationship in their unholy alliance will not make this a successful collaboration.

A Road to Riches (for China) – The China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Credits: https://kousdas.wordpress.com/2018/11/03/echo-of-pakonomics/

China and Pakistan conduct joint air drills — with eye on India

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