A Strategic Imperative

While Trump was an incarnation and an expression of the neglect of the middle and lower class, it is undeniable truth that almost 48% or over votary supported his articulation of the global and national narrative.

The US is not alone, a similar phenomenon usurped is several parts of the democratic world, that almost jolted the liberal, inclusive, integrative and global view of ‘One World’. We saw the UK severing its ties with the EU, the rise of radical nationalists such as Bolsonaro in Brazil, Duterte in Philippines. Turkey, India and other democracies never lacked behind, not ignoring similar phenomenon occurring sporadically across the globe.

I label this as ‘Trumpism’, a neglect of a large swath of population that resulted in this atrocious expression and a wasted era due to disruptions and distractions. It was an imperative to attend to these class expression and address the yawning desire of the middle class.

Just imagine, regime change, imposing our model if democracy, super fast paced integration and globalization, industrialization and automation that snatched opportunities from the local (without an opportunity of retooling them), free trade organizations that worked to the contrary of the common interests, the wars, the focus on capitalist driven engine of growth etc. all paved a way for a divide. That divide created a chasm and disconnect between the strategy and the ground.

It was this gap that is being addressed by Biden. So if Jack Sullivan is being tapped into the policy making, it is but the right step to palpate and embed the class struggle. It is an imperative, if democracy has to sustain, it has to carry the class along with its strategic intent, not drag or neglect it. Ignoring so will result in coalescence of such chaos.

Hamiltonians, Wilsonian, Jeffersonian and the Jacksonian

Each of these represent an ideology, or instilling a gyroscope for American engagement with the global order, of thesis and antithesis, of a perspective and a narrative. However, each of these are negotiating, rather than establishing a model, that is vulnerable to global exigencies and factors beyond their control. These external factors will determine which ideology prevails and finally, as we all know, the story of success is written by the successor.

I will, at leisure, write more on these. Until then, stay tuned…

The Jacksonian Revolt

Biden’s ‘middle-class foreign policy’ departs from Obama and Trump

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