Paxton-Cruz Backdoor

Paxton and Cruz – backdoor to vertical mobility

Ken Paxton, the attorney general for Texas, filed a suit in the US Supreme Court for wrongly dismissing several million votes in four battleground states. Almost 17 Attorney Generals and over 107 elected congressmen supported the lawsuit. Ted Cruz, whom Trump had criticized as having a small phallus, also endorsed the initiative. Of note, the Supreme Court rejected citing lack of evidence and questioning Texas’s right to meddle in the elections of other states.

It is noteworthy to see the outcome since Trump often boasted of having appointed three judges to the supreme bench. Prima facie, I was annoyed with the congressmen, attorneys, Ken Paxton, and ridiculed Ted Cruz. However, let us reveal the facade and declutter the dynamics of those supporting such a frivolous suit. All these congressmen, attorneys, and senators knew there is no merit in the suit, then why did they support it?

The only reality is the greed to get reelected and upwards mobility in their legislative progression. I still remember when, in 2018, Trump tried to intimidate a few Senators. They said they stood by their conviction and declared they would not want to be reelected.

Is Trump that powerful?

Yes and no. Yes, because he has the support of a massive base of voters within the GOP, and No, because they all are enacting an act of support despite knowing the truth, just committed to their long term survival.

Two observations are still important –

  1. Despite Trump appointing the judges, they did not compromise their integrity. Processes and tacts were above personal obligations and affiliations.
  2. Trumpism, not Trump, is a throbbing phenomenon that cannot be dismissed. Politicians may exploit it, but they seem to show relative integrity in the light of the circumstances.

Are GOP the only lawmakers in the US who play this game? Is politics the only arena where such realty shows are played? Is US the only country where such tactics are in vogue? The answer is a Universal No. Such double standards are all pervasive, from politics, to business to daily living. Worst, academics too is infiltrated with such ‘Paxton-Cruz Backdoor’ phenomenon.

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