Humanity Needs a Hand

Religion and technology represent two different yearnings of mankind, each representing a stride. While we are marooned in the past with our utter conviction to our faith, we take a stride forward with technology and fall. For a real progress, we truly need evolution and progress on our ideologies and faith, rather than technological advances. Only when we sync up the steps that we, as humanity, will be able to walk into the future.

When I review radicals and ultra-right-wing or conservatives’ history, i feel humanity’s one leg is shackled and marooned in the long past. One leg taking a massive stride towards logic and technology. This stride has created an unstable gait for humanity for us to falter and fall.

By no means is religion written dictums or rules that we have to follow ardently. Those are the principles and guidelines provided to society and human beings for peaceful coexistence during those times. Rituals and artifacts are all the more superficial. Those are meant for cementing the abstract for the commoner to embody himself/herself. They also offer a sense of identity and a vivid recollection and subscription to faith and ideology.

Over a period of time, however, we have fossilized the rituals and artifacts and petrified the system by willful ignorance and erosion of the principles.

At each epoch, we had divine enlightenment from people such as Lord Krishna, Lord Ram Gautam Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Jesus, Md. Paigamber, who taught us the way of living. They knew the daily hustle and bustle of living are not conducive to reflecting on the finer and cognitive and supra cognitive aspects of living.

I sometimes wonder and pity humanity that we have not adopted the right way of life as enshrined in those religious tenets’ principles despite such supreme deliverances. Instead, we recede into the ideological conflict of imposing “my rightful ideology over your rightful ideology,” a moral fraud. We act not as simple animals but as rascals, if not demons, and destroy humanity with those divine injunctions.

No religion is barred from this radical regression, not to name any, we all have consigned to just the superficial, the tangible as it appears and lost the substance. Some religions are more intolerant than others, but all have genuinely lost the path of religion and faith, have failed to evolve, adapt, and adopt. Such is moral perfidy and erosion that it takes us a thousand years and a messiah to enlighten the next generation. Until then, we will be locked in this disturbing chasm of stride and fall.

Shashank Heda
Dallas, Texas

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