Visionaries and Nationalism

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World across, we have seen mighty empires rise like sphinxes, establish, proliferate and sustain – based on a balanced approach of their vision. They established a sense of pride and identity but more than that, they also instilled and embedded a sense of purpose, humility and humanity within the moral compass of individuals, that provided an internal guiding voice for individual journey towards self actualization in this carnal and in the trappings of this material world.

National security was always the center focus and greatness was always achieved through dominion and hegemony, however, other abstract and higher order functions too took a center stage, that provided not just a fertile ground for attainment of knowledge but other higher cognitive and cerebral activities. Those empires have collapsed but Humanity, as we know today, rests on those footprints. We are resting on those crucibles, and that marvelous restive state.

Civilizations are born and artifacts are an indications of these mighty empires. I write about China as a enemy state, but let us also understand the vision of China, as espoused by their leaders, may be we are midst of evolving history and we are witnessing transition towards a better state. Let’s hope so …

Shashank Heda, MD
Dallas, Texas

I will rewrite this with interesting anecdotes as time permits. I will share a kink to this blog once it is written.

Xi sets new rules and goals to extend reign as China’s leader

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