Am I a Sinophobe?

This is in draft mode. I am adding stuff to this.

You may be thinking I have Sinophobia, let me correct, I definitely have CPCphobia, not Sinophobia. I agree the common Chinese man may differ from any regional, ethnic, or country character but that is understandable, we can deal with human differences but the malfeasance unleashed by China’s CPC, is a scourge bigger than any radicalism, and terrorism. It is not paranoia but a real threat to the very nature of humanity – of liberalism, of independence, of ideological pursuit, of enterprises (a few idiosyncrasies that are at the core and that define us.

Technological achievements are not an indicator nor are materialistic achievements. The level of suppression that the CPC has unleashed, has resulted in a national ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ within China. I am sure most Chinese think CPC is their guardian and those few intellectuals, who think otherwise, are systematically butchered by the system. The only option to leave life is to align with the state ideology.

Well, how are global financial system vulnerabilities related to what i said above? Obviously, that’s the choke point. Just understand the South China Sea issue? It is a route to trade and China wants to sell unhindered. It is also a real estate to tap future wealth – from Minerals, Fossil, and possibly expand for strategic purposes. Review the BRI, the Silk Road initiative, see how it has cannibalized Hambantota from Sri Lanka.

I can keep writing a chronicle on the different dimensions of invasion and its implications. However, these are a prelude to future mega-war, and you will be misconstrued if you presume it will be physical. It will be Cyber and finance, being critical infrastructure, is at the epicenter.

Global finance falls victim to China’s spyware campaign

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