Editorial Team @ COVIDRxExchange


Trust you all are keeping safe during the second surge of COVID. 

COVIDRxExchange is building a New Editorial Team. Those who are already in the existing team, or those who want to join the editorial team, please use the below link to join the renewed Editorial Team. 

Joining the Editorial Board implicitly means you have consented to fulfill responsibilities, actions, and tasks promptly, within the required time period. 

We will provide an overview of the goals, objectives, functions, processes, and introduce you to the editorial members. We will also provide an overview of our roadmap. 

Qualifying criteria:

You are a specialist or completing a specialization (MD/DM/MCh). 


You have submitted original research or review in Medicine or Translation Medicine (Basic and or fundamental sciences)


You are part of a medical editorial team

Your Responsibilities

Content for website, newsletters, flash updates, posters, panel discussions, collaboration, and other academic activities need continuous updates and you will be responsible for the above. Collaboration, Content Creation, and Continuous Curation of the content are your prime responsibilities.

It is a pro-bono activity where you will get COVIDRxExchange’s global platform to further your service and or academic passion. It is an engaging activity and it has strict stipulations of timely delivery because of the nature of COVID. We have some impending tasks and a roadmap, that we follow and we can clarify the expectations further if required. 

This will be an interim position for 4 to 6 weeks, and continuation will be based on your bandwidth to contribute and the quality and the quantity of the contributions. You and your collaborators will be credited for the contributions. You are free to make your team however, you will have to work within the framework, principles, and objectives of COVIDRxExchange. 

We may add more experts to enrich it further. The titles will be based on the expertise and your editorial contributions to COVIDRxExchnage. Please see select titles

Chief Editor/s 

Expert Editor/s

Director/s of Editorial Program

Editor/s/Section Editors

Associate Editor/s

Associate Technical Editor/s (Non-Medical)

Open this link to join COVIDRxExchange’s WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CkcKOawQq1g9KQRpWUY7vV 

or write on 

Email: <covidrxexchange@gmail.com>

Sincere regards,

Founders, Executives, and Advisers of COVIDRxExchange

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