On Immigration

If we cannot call the migrations of birds, animals and fishes as unnatural, how can we restrict the migration of human as unnatural? Is it appropriate to create barriers using laws, policies and worst, build walls to stop this natural phenomenon? Does that mean we should remove all barriers on immigration? Certainly not, we need to develop controlled migration so that the areas that offer better sustenance persists to favor life.

In this article, I have cited some natural phenomenon, that exist for millennia, that define the laws of nature. (Word count 655; reading time 3 minutes).

In the frozen history of times and evolution, we may be presuming mankind has achieved significant progress in their evolution, however, if we are what we see, then there certainly is a gap, a distinct hiatus in our achievements. I am not sure if you all see what I see, but certainly, we all have lost a significant patch in our history. We may presume that humans have achieved a great stride and progress. However, progress is a snapshot, not seen through the eyes of continuity, but some amongst you may agree, as a continuum, progress displays a bleak hiatus, a chasm that we have to unearth.

Despite humans being the one bestowed with intellect, wisdom, mobility, insight to philosophy, spirituality, and scientific pursuit, it is perfidy that we have achieved so minuscule, so little. We sound so contented and basks with our achievements, in science, technology but we hardly ever recognize that we are so philosophically, intellectually, and cognitively ramshackled, and handicapped that, we hardly realize our progress is lopsided. In fact, our progress has made us so blind-sighted, that we consider our current technological, and material advances as a great strides in the evolutionary process. In fact, we have devolved under the aegis of advancing science and technology. Let me cite an example of our devolutionary self –

Immigrations – Cormorants, Boobies and Anchovies

Boobies are a type of seabirds that hunt fish at deep seas. However, unlike Cranes, Boobies and Cormorants dive deep inside the water, sometimes to their depth of 6 meters, chase and capture their prey (Of course, they have evolved with a mechanism to carry oxygen and protect themselves when they dive deep with a great splash, an evolutionary mechanisms that have been set up since the Miocene periods of earth’s history).

Credits: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/75364993743096286/

However, has anyone objected to the migration of Cormorants, Boobies in their hunt for Anchovies? Almost, 5 million birds migrate annually, to thrive on the anchovies, who themselves thrive on the nutrients brought by the Humboldt, the under currents that bring the nutrient rich currents, from Antarctica.

If migration is to be blamed, can we blame, Humboldt? The Anchovies? Or the Cormorants and Boobies? How can we stop the migration of birds? Can we call this immigration for natural resources unnatural?

Cormorants and Boobies are not alone. We see several cases of such natural migrations that are driven by nature, tied with nature, that we can almost call it natural. It will be safe to call this natural if we think we should not call it illegal and try to stall it.

A dolphin – Bird Nexus

Well, let me cite another astonishing example of a Shoal of Maceral, Dolphins, and the Sea Birds. Every year, the dolphins migrate to an area with rich food sources. It is surprising, the nutrients are not brought by the rivers draining into the sea, but by huge swaths of dust (almost 500 tons per year) being blown into the Atlantic, that provides a great milieu for the growth of the seaweeds, which are ultimately eaten by the macerals, that the dolphins survive. Some species must be native to these regions and they definitely can call it their territory. How do we stop the immigrating Dolphins from entering this area?

Credits: http://www.alertdiver.com/Below-the-Birds

Well Fast forward, we created immigration walls, we call those legal, and dedicate it to the citizenry that we protect, and label the transgression as compliance or non-compliant and persecute it as illegal. If we can’t call the immigration of birds unnatural, how well can we call the migration of human beings illegal? Is it because we are intellectually evolved enough to protect our territory? Going against nature and building such walls is evolution or devolution?

It does not mean, I am against creating a barrier for migration. We definitely want a controlled migration that will not destroy the prosperous areas, but we should principally be in favor of migration, it will be unnatural to suppress it and any suppression of nature ultimately leads to an eruption of chaos somewhere, where the tectonic plates find a weakness.


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