Another sprouting fundamentalism

This us exactly how it started in Iran, this is what’s happening in Turkey. Now, we see the incipient signs of radicalism emerging in Indonesia.

Rizieq Shibib, within a few days after returning from Saudi Arabia, initiated radical rallies to cleans the religious bodies (Ulemas), calling it a moral responsibility.

Ayan Hirsi Ali….

Of course, the Indonesian Military (TNI) and President Jokobi, both criticized the mass gatherings. However, the concern is that people like Rizieq become a fountain head for suppressions and eventually erupt as Trumpism, a phenomenon i talked earlier and one that is pervasive across democracies (please visit my blog on Trumpism).

Well, those reared in an environment of secular fabrics, freedom of religion, of ideology and faith, never realize that the practices of Muslim Brotherhood and Madina Muslim are against the preaching of freedom, secularism and self actualization. It is true, for those apostles of freedom, Islam should be offered the same covenant as other religions and ideologies. However, are antithetical to the very foundation of an individual free to attain his intellectual and spiritual journey, what we typically call as freedom.

Indonesian cleric’s mass rallies anger Jokowi amid COVID crisis

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