Vaccines, and Drones

Well, you all may be thinking what has drones to do with the vaccines? These seemingly unrelated questions have a connection. Let us visit how.

With Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are over 90% effective. However, that’s the start. The roll out of these vaccines and inoculation logistics are going to be challenging, as the cold chain has to be maintained from development labs until the subject.

Another aspect, we will see rumors flying about these vaccines too, as we saw with the previous vaccines. It is perfectly ok to anticipate few complications and that’s the collateral cost we pay as humanity. Science is perfect but we human are learning to unravel the unfathomable facets of science. Learning and developing perfection is this a scientific endeavor. So the key challenge for us will be safeguarding science from rumors especially when we keep learning the ways of it.

Sputnik and Sinovac

From the onset, I had my reservations on the discoveries which are hidden and lack transparency. I had those with Sputnik and Sinovac. It is perfectly fine to fail in science. It is definitely a no no, to not establish transparency and reproducibility in science. Both Sputnik and Sinovac lacked transparency on the adverse effects and the way those were made. That led to speculations as rife as inserting another retrovirus like elements in the introns of human genome. Not that, I subscribe to that, but that suspicion could not be ruled out because of lack of transparency.

Rumor Mills will Spin Harder

A notable contribution to the rumor mill is not from the uneducated or the scientific novice but from the half baked doctors who make little attempt in investing their time to hone their professional understanding. Another gap area for the perpetuation of the rumor mills are the spiritual and theosophical leaders. Instead of guiding the masses, they indulge in prophesying their ill understanding, and add confusion to the gullible mind. The most important aspect that a common man unknowingly consents is a pseudo pride of some thousand year old proven technology, never realizing that, that was a crude, and unrefined way of treatment.

Can Control drones from 1000 Kilometers

Well once again changing gears, Mitubishi Heavy Industries has developed a technology to control drones from 1000 kilometers. How can that, best be used? Can we control and direct them to peep into deep forest fires and help control those? May be learn more about atmosphere and places we cannot reach like Amazon, or the Tribal areas like Melghat/Dharni? Or use it to intervene into the privacy of other countries. Science has left those decisions to us. We have to tighten those ethos as we make more headway and unravel science.

So it is easy to shoot down drones

Japanese Ministry of Defense has developed technology to shoot down drones. That’s the significant development, not because we will be able to shoot the Chinese drones invading into Ladhak but because we will be able to control intrusions into our space. Our space is our identity, individual, local, state or national and we should have the ability to control our space.

This talks about the ethics of science. Just a progress on discovery in not important. to survive the scientific temper, we have to evolve our consciousness, embrace and naturalize those ethos. Or else, these will fall apart….

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