Exploiting Primitive Sentiments – Erdogan and Mahathir

While talking lesser or humiliating someone’s sentiments, faith, parents or something that comprises self-respect or identity is heinous and condemnable, killing or intimation is barbaric and primitive. Any act that indulges in such activities, such as killing or supporting a killer, is criminal as well.

Freedom (of speech or expression) does not mean, you can transgress lines to disrespect someone’s faith. However, though wrong, Samuel Paty’s behavior does not call for beheading. It is barbaric, primitive and an act of the deprived mind. Erdogan and Mahathir, supporting such acts are even deplorable beyond criminal instincts. I have shared my rationale why Erdogan, Imran Khan, or Mahathir are bigger culprits than the ones who committed senseless beheadings.

The beheading of Samuel Paty and the subsequent beheading of three more innocents is indicative of arousal of a primitive instinct.

I can pardon that common man’s sentiment because those are outliers. What is condemnable is the rhetoric from Erdogan, Imran, and Mahathir. These are no outliers, they are supposed to assuage the sentiments of the extreme right, reassure these folks from the lost track and bring them back to the faith.

I have truly not studied Islam, however, I presume, their religious ethos must be enshrined with the tenets and guiding principles with a humane approach, or else no faith can rise to this level of acceptance.

However, such beheadings and the support from extremist leaders, to exploit the sentiments and consolidate their base is not just irresponsible but criminal.

Criminal and Blasphemous

Because that’s not what their faith stands for. It is a disservice to their religion and if there is any blasphemy, they are indulging in that. Another aspect, that cannot be forgiven, is their utter callousness towards those sincere seekers of faith who do not subscribe to these thoughts, are often in pain and anguish to see these extreme ideologies defining their faith, and their ultimate suffering because of a general perception of the common man, who thinks, that all Muslims are extremists. These common Muslim practitioners are the ultimate victims of such global sensationalism.

The Irresponsible Liberal Press

Of course, it starts with the fourth estate. Say, I do some idiotic act, presume i display a picture of some deity from some faith, do we have to truly publish that? As though, there is nothing left to be reported. Can the press be responsible? Can we reign the fourth estate? Can ratings have some compliances?

Privacy not for display

It has become a public showcasing of our mediocre allegiance to God. However, being a devout person with deep trust in my Lord, I believe it is personal and needs privacy. It’s a sublime moment of realization and his/her presence. It offers guidance and provides strength during this tenuous journey, on earth with all our material trappings. Suffice it to say, Its fulfilling experience.

Best, we go back

When the migrants from Syria and the Middle East moved to Germany, they were shocked to see men and women using a common swimming pool. They insisted for creating a different pool for ladies. However, it has never been a tradition for Europeans to segregate men and women, irrespective of the place. I felt then and I still feel strongly, that if we have an issue with lifestyle, either we get absorbed in the new milieu or we go back to the place we came from. Those Muslims who do not accept the freedom of expression practices in France, should go back to their country of origin. It is a fact, they will not have even the minimal freedom to survive.

Can we leave religion in the privacy domain and respect it as other personal affairs for the individuals to solve?

Mahathir on killings in France: Muslims have right to be angry

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