Election fever – How it resonates with NRI

Recent messages by most ruling elite are not connected with either of these two features and given the propensity for resentment, it is very likely that their messages won’t resonate with the ordinary. People want action and not messages and messaging is anyways choked because of recent laws, compliance and activism. My thoughts are captured in the blog earlier.

Waiting for Godot Samuel Beckett

It’s election fever, and though few things have changed, more change is in the air. The entire India is plugged into the election grime. Interpreting between the lines and knowing what happened in the last five years, i think the ruling elite is disconnected with its messaging on the ground. I have summarized the outcome of the general elections 2019 on the following reasons –

  1. Lack of ability to absorb diversity
  2. No attempts at building collaborations and coalition
  3. Generalized and wide sectors of business impacted by BJP
  4. Farmers woes not addressed
  5. Lack of opportunities for youngsters to work and live
  6. Concerted effort to decimate opposition
  7. Dwarfing of internal RSS decision machinery
  8. Generalized lack of trust from any initiative

For centuries now, those who wish to rule India, need to understand its diversity and another element, it’s ability to absorb differing views, and perspectives. India is not the first country to be so diverse but its heterogeneity is so deeply pervasive and percolates into several different facets, that it is hard to define. However, when it comes to realpolitics, it is absolutely difficult to ignore diversity and its ability to absorb divergent view, to the extent that it becomes a antithesis not to accept diversity. Another trait, Indian strongly believe at face value and get carried away. But if they realize the lack of substance, that trust is breached pretty much, they resent equally and it takes time to undo and rebuild.

Recent messages by BJP are not disconnected with two characteristics that define Indian voters – diversity and ability to absorb. BJP lacks either of these two features and given the propensity for resentment, it is very likely that their messages won’t resonate with the ordinary. People want action and not messages and messaging is currently choked because of recent laws, compliance and activism. 

More so, no attempts were made to build coalitions and collaborations, in fact it was a strategy to demean and deface all, including their own stalwarts. The population five years back was relatively small, as compared kids have grown to youthful vibrancy. Barring the urban elite, many are unemployed within their milieu. They are striving for opportunities and those are lacking. Farmers are not happy due to unresolved problems festering their ecosystem. Workers are not happy due to not a strong economy. Businessmen are unhappy for the unruly rollout of GST and demonitization. Regional sections are unhappy with coalition and religions are unhappy due to fear of extinction. It’s not Muslims alone, even Buddhists are not aligned. Intellectual are anyways minuscule minority and who cares for them?

Let us review what was achieved in the last five years –

  1. A solid aggressive assertiveness for Hinduism
  2. Serious attempt to choke black money and parallel economy
  3. GST rollout
  4. Stiff stand off at Doklam
  5. Active defense with Pakistan
  6. Adhar rollout (i guess I am not wrong)
  7. Partial Make in India program
  8. Securing reservations for the upper middle caste economically backwards

If I have to credit Modi, the first one is sufficient reason to stand for the Hindu cause. We heard holocaust and we resent it. Often, Modi is blamed for the 2002 riots against Muslims. Let us for a moment, believe those allegations are true. No one had the guts to call out the xenophobia when Hindus were slaughtered for centuries of Muslim’s onslaught. Wars have been the feature of humanity but decapitation and desecration on the basis of religion was never before seen as in the Muslim invaders. It is observed that, with Modi, Hindus have risen and and asserted themselves? I am not in support of the genocide of of 2002. However, we have to consciously realize to be judicious in our assessment and not ignore the slaughter created by Muslim invaders from historical times. The rise of right wing radical is just a reflection of this insult. I know my years of writing and credentials of being secular will be watered down with these thinking. Trust me, I mean no bad towards any religion and especially Muslims. I see it is is time that Hinduism is asserting and its time to reconcile increasing assertiveness.

Why Modi is a need of time?

Never had I seen a leader holding his grit as in Doklam. Never did anyone venture into Pakistan before 2019. Never was the world so aligned against terrorism, as is it now. Never did the rupee appreciated after a fall. Never did we see clean temples (and possibly cities) in a majority Hindu country. So what if demonitization was attempted and failed? At least someone tried checking the spiraling parallel economy. At least, someone someone has the will to authoritarian will to act.

GST rollout was a grand failure. Business and Economy suffered inordinately due to humps and bumps in the GST rollout. After Gandhi, Modi is the one who realizes the importance of ‘Make in India’ or relying less of foreign goods but selling good abroad. It is no brainer, but no one caught this obvious one. Another plus, that can be ascribed to the BJP Govt. is providing a reservation to the economically backward upper caste.

If you review the above, I strongly feel the wave is against Modi. However, does that mean we can rule him out? No, India does not have a strong leader yet and Modi is the only choice. He has to learn to collaborate and understand the ethos of India, not just the ethos of Hindus. It seems, a coalition is most likely with Modi leading the way.

You may or you may not vote but this is your time to cast your opinion.

One thought on “Election fever – How it resonates with NRI”

  1. I do not agree with everything said about Modi here as I can cite so many instances in Tamilnadu and outside about his arrogant attitude towards people just to support Big Businessmen like Ambani’s and Adani’s. Mr. Modi indirectly owns JIO and killed BSNL to promote Like everyone says no other leader is there who was before Modi came. I think India is no shortage of genuine and ethical leaders. There are so many leaders who can rule the country wisely and make poor people work and earn money not giving them freebies. Who is he to give money to poor people which is the tax money of middle-class people. He needs to brings a scheme to empower poor people and make them stand on their own.

    I hope it’s a Modi government again after May 24th ( we will have complete results only by 24th as no single party will have a majority).


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