Celibate Life for Serving the Lord?

Celibacy and renounciation is not a prerequisite to service of Lord or to mankind. Yes, it is a distraction from devotion but it is not absolutely required. Many religions consider it is a must, possibly because life and normal living itself is a beyond distraction from the path of spiritual service. How best can we confluence these divergent tracks?

Not that atrocities towards women in places of beliefs are uncommon amongst at Hindu Temples or and Muslim Madrassas. We commonly see religion asking for renouncing celibate life to be a guardian or evangelize religion.

The key question is –
Do we have to renounce normal living and be celibate for the service of our Lord and to run the religious institutions? Celibacy is not an absolute criterion but a matter of choice, inner decision, and personal philosophy. This ensures less abuse of fair gender within their ecosystem.

Some religious practices have institutional stipulations that enforce celibacy. However, human nature and natural instincts fight back. The guardians of religion eventually, succumb to their internal material instincts and end up abusing and covering for their crimes. We see such abuses that later get institutionalized.

The report below talks about the Pope allowing for marriage for the priests. Only if the Pope opens the door for the clergy to be married and start a normal life, that we will see a true decrease in such incidences.

Let me change the topic to Hinduism and its evolutionary traits and practices. Hindu priests have always had the option to marry and accept a normal life. Reflecting upon how Hinduism has evolved after adopting such practices, provides credence that this is a philosophy in evolution and has a longer life than predicted by most western historians.

It is important to keep our ideas open and align with nature. Freezing change is counterproductive. The day we freeze evolution, we stop growing though and the only way to keep vibrant and dynamic is to keep listening, debating, and evolving with a sense of accommodation and assimilation. Sometimes back, during the medieval period, Hinduism froze varna and subdued our women. We wiped out meritocracy by institutionalizing nepotism and feudalism. We created a majority that was subservient to those who captured the institutions – religious, social, family, political, etc. thus weakening our institutions.

It takes time to dismantle but the time we unfreeze and evolve, we will see a spurt in our spiritual and ideological growth. To those who say Hinduism is under attack, I agree. But it is not an external element, but our own internal shackles.

Pope admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery

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