Sudden Cardiac Standstill

Recently, I heard a lot of cases due to sudden cardiac arrest. Almost all are young adults, one was 21 year old, the other 29 year old, the third one 39 year old and now Sridevi, who was just 54.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is getting common by the day. Often we think it is unlikely to happen to us. We are so remotely concerned, that we never realize it may happen within our close circle – family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances. It is not remote possibility, it can happen anytime within our network.

Too often, we are under a wrong notion that the EMR (911) will be there and fix it. However, their response time varies according to the circumstances and often, it is late. Can we think of avoiding such grievous situations before they happen? Right from the causes, the identification while we are developing that vulnerability and finally, to manage while it actually happens until the EMR (911) is there to manage further?

What do you say might be the causes?
What can be done to protect?If that does happen (right now in front of your eyes), are we adequately prepared to handle it?

There are several causes, but knowing your understanding and readiness to handle is important. Please read what you need to do, just in case you meet with this eventuality.

Do we know the cause and are we adequately prepared to handle that? Of course, this is not a replacement for professional advice or management. Immediate action is to get professional doctors to help.

Earlier, we lost one of the most talented and venerated actresses due to sudden cardiac arrest. What can we learn from such an unanticipated loss? Someone responded saying,


Despite all efforts sometimes we are helpless. However, efforts are the only thing we have in our control, having said that, as I was talking about this earlier, we all need CPR training. However, I avoided directly prescribing before knowing the awareness.

During the initial phase itself, several amongst us live in that risk zone. How do we identify if we fall in that zone? How deeply are we exposed and impacted to that risk? What is it that drives us into and out of that risk zone?

Second, what do we do once we have identified our own risk? How best to reduce? Will it happen overnight? Is overnight fixing possible? How do we plan and implement a roadmap for better health?

The last and the most important, for several months now, I have been evangelizing the cause of CPR, which I talked about before posting the generic concern this morning. Often CPR given at the right moment is helpful. If late (around 7-10 minutes), becomes ineffective, not that heart cannot be revived but irrevocable damage has already occurred by then. If someone continues the pumping until medical help arrives, that becomes a godsend opportunity.

Spirituality and good practices play a significant role is establishing or rebalancing. However, that what goes through those seven openings is only one aspect. We definitely need a comprehensive approach and plan.

While I have no knowledge if she was indulging in any of that, I am sure she had access to expert guidance on how best to do that. Though rumor mills are ripe with speculations, botox, plastic surgery and liposuctions are unlikely to do that. The metabolic drug, especially anabolic steroids have a severe damning effect though. It is wise to presume, that she had access to professional advice. Sridevi is just an example of a sudden cardiac standstill. Last night, I lost an extended family member who was 39. Earlier around the new year, we lost a 21 and 29-year-old in Irving.

Whether it is Sridevi, a 39, 21 or 29 yr old, do we know the precipitating factors? How can we stop walking that path? And if that happens in your presence, what would you do to stop it?

Its time to audit and fix.

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