Korean Peninsula – an yearning to unite

Problems are always complex to discern and resolve, but it is the zest and passion that drives one towards resolution. Koreans are divided by political fortitude but they inside, they still have the longing to stand as a single nation. Germany had similar fractions that sounded like stitching a broken china (ceramic-ware).

If there is one thing that can guide us towards that visions, it would be the ability and capacity to rise above ourselves. This feature is dispersed amongst the common masses but is lacking in our collective conscious and actions. The day we cross those barriers, all prophesies of doom and revolt will disappear, and we should see a rising nation. It is equally true that we won’t see any radical change happening overnight. Historically, as the Indian social order and polity stands, radical changes are unlikely as there is tremendous resilience that is inbuilt. However, pressure from disruptive changes (business, technology, rising democratization and population pressure) may all fast forward some these changes. Polity with an alacrity to understand and adapt will bring this order.

The idea of one nation is doomed but the idea of all people under one roof is not. Hope we drive our nation towards that vision like the Koreans (one step at a time) and Germans.


Koreas to march under single ‘united’ flag in Olympic Games

Unseating from Grandiose Pedestal

In Mexico, social environments are such that corrupt politicians run away from the populace whom they serve. That reflects the antipathy of the common folks towards such deeds. In India, we see them camouflage while they adopt some social causes as an alibi.

We definitely have to take a lesson from Majico (Mexican call themselves Mahico, J is pronounced like H, so San Jose is pronounced as San Hose) that there should be zero tolerance towards corruption come what may be the social status or platform. Once that message is sent across, we should see enough ramifications.

Mexico fugitive ex-governor Roberto Borge extradited

China – A Rising Nation

US is a classical example of building sustainable governance and later infrastructure that led to the US being considered a safe nation for investment and progress. Nations flocked with either their money or their citizenry, to be part of this emerging cauldron of success.

When others are balking, China is fast encroaching and emulating the model of economic progress. China is fast emulating, however, with a difference. An example in point, a few years back, China started several top-line scientific journals and conferences. The scientific field is not an exception. We see scores of such examples in several fields, especially in trade.

We are still mired in our age-old war of restitute issues admixed with building bullet trains. No centralized policy to build vision except a nation composed of only Hindus, no policy on integration except nominating titular presidency and playing a vote bank of states, pardoning the excesses of stalwart industrialists and ignoring those who work on the bottom line, all adding to fomenting to culminate into a natural revolt.

After 6-8 centuries, we are yet to reconcile the fact that we are a pleural nation but bask in the glory of our great great great … grandfather, who achieved those amazing successes, without realizing that all that progress is historical, fleeting and time-lapsed as a snapshot. We call ourselves intellectuals and indulge in jugad, possibly we can jugado a solution to this chaos. You never know!

China offers 10-year visas to ‘high end talent’


… and China is not as dumb as the US. They are building that Gwadar or Hambantota port under India’s nose, they have started siphoning interest from investment. Just watch Pakistan, roaming door to door for alms and crumbling to internal dissension and collapse.  The case of Sri Lanka is beyond repair, they lost almost 69 square kilometers of land permanently to China after defaulting on those loans. That collapse is not in the best of our interest though, since it creates chaos next door. Chaos next door very likely to have a bystander effect on India.