Turkey – Changing tides

Kemal Ataturk, a visionary Muslim and the founder of Turkey, banned covering head as he found it ancient. Why do Muslims still wear burka/Naqab? I have several friends from Pakistan who hate to go back since the ladies dont like wearing burqa, a compulsion in public. So even women hate this when they stay in contemporary times.

What do you feel? Is this a medieval practice that becomes an obstacle to public life? If so, should it be practiced at home and not in public places?

Every faith has rituals and artifacts from centuries old tradition. Without eroding the ethos, we need to question these artifacts in a right appropriate way. Artifacts is not ethos. Religion is based upon values that fundamentally safeguard human life and living against the daily stress. It offers a framework for self actualization against the odds of daily struggle. Artifacts only help reinforce the central philosophy. However, religious philosophy is deeper than these artifacts. Dropping these artifacts wont change the value of religion.


The Islamic veil across Europe

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