A Salute to the Underdogs

A note on the achievements of a Pakistani lad who brought laurels with his work on Electric Honeycomb.

Mr Niazis success is truly remarkable, not for discovering the electric honeycomb but for the innovation that comes in the absence of a milieu. Dr Ambedkar’s success is far more than Pandit Nehru’s from this same perspective. Driving innovation or achievements far different especially in the absence of milieu is a rare landmark.

We never realize how our milieu defines and shapes not alone our fate and destiny but it also modulates and rewrites our own thinking. The milieu has such a global footprint and impact that we as a cohort think the way we think, never realizing that two way cross talk with our milieu. So many amongst us are achievers and those achievements can be handsomely credited to one unique aspect – that milieu. Of course, you all may argue that individual human efforts and fate too has a place. However, amongst these confounding factors, despite our best efforts, I weigh in favor of milieu.

The success is starkly driven by him rather than the milieu offering the ripe environment for achieving those laurels. In fact, the milieu was a great distractant but despite, he achieved with a singular focus. That’s the differentiator. Milieu drags and offers fertile ground. In his case, despite the drag, he achieved this which makes it several times commendable. Salute to those unique souls who achieve despite this odds.

Please note, i transcend nationality, religion, ethnicity, culture and material factors while I appreciate these iconic class.


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