Humanity – A Universal Religion

(There is only 1 religion called Humanity. Its not important to understand whether Jesus/ Krishna/ Mohammed or Buddha is the messenger of god.. whats important is whether we get “that message”).

Absolutely true! However, despite our teaching the best of the lot sway away from the message? It is easy to be distracted, not because we love to indulge in ourselves but discerning and making choices and persistently acting on it is trying and arduous, whereas indulgence is a default state.

Religion was probably introduced by well-read men thousands of years ago after studying human psychology to keep control on the actions of human beings as we are the most intelligent species and capable of doing terrible things if not kept in check.

First, let us go to back to that time when it all originated. Do we expect a sudden mutation from homo erectus to homo sapiens all of a sudden? [Astrolopothecus to Zinzanthropus to Homo erectus to Homo Sapiens are those stages of evolution.] Where did those books come from? As for the history of mankind, if I recollect the existence of the oldest religion, it goes back to only 10,000 to 12,000. However, modern men came around 300000 years ago. What happened to the history in between? I am trying to impress the fact that wisdom and science is not completely

In science if we have to prove any theory by deduction, we start with a hypothesis (assumption).

In Hinduism that hypothesis or assumption is ‘the belief of reincarnation’ meaning that soul is immortal and when we die, the soul takes another form. Without the belief of reincarnation or rebirth; the whole philosophy of hinduism falls flat. So its important to believe in the concept of soul & reincarnation to understand hinduism to its core.

Soul is nothing but your gut feeling. Soul will always tell you to do the right thing, no matter what! Its either black or white – there is no gray area. The moment one does something wrong, he gets caught up in the guilt cycle. To break that cycle, no matter what religion a person belongs to, these 3 pillars do act as guidelines to help you lead a happy & peaceful life:

1) Bhakti – Faith & Belief to shape the quality of our thoughts and have a positive attitude towards life
2) Karma – Every action has a equal and opposite reaction. As you sow, so shall you reap!
3) Dharma – Meaning “duty or responsibility” towards family, friends, society, nature above and beyond you. And always doing the right thing.

The ultimate aim is to do good karma and find your peace!! And one thing that I have realized is that your happiness & sadness is defined by the quality of your relationships (w/ family, friends, colleague, society)

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