Ethnic Cleansing

Pragmatism is not above humanity

The clip above shows Indira Gandhi weighing in favor of being pragmatic. Bangladeshi immigration is often cited as an example while dealing with outside immigrants. To those Indians who favor the above approach, let me ask a question – What should we do if Hindus in Pakistan face Ethnic cleansing? The same applies to Hindus from Africa or other lands. In Uganda, Idi Amin started a massacre against Hindus. Their property and other belongings were taken over by the state machinery. Hindus and specifically Indians started emigrating, should we have welcomed them?

Ethnic Cleansing and Emotional Outburst

Below, a clip showing an emotional outburst by a so called humanitarian. Emotions are respectful but they have very limited value in making the right decision. Such issues cannot be solved with an emotional outburst. A complete life cycle view of the immigrants and the natives has to be understood in the context of where both exist and eventually, a solution can be drawn.



There is no support in favor of ethnic cleansing, either it be a Buddhist by Imperial China from Tibet, Hindu Nepalis from Buddhist Bhutan or Muslim Rohingyas from Buddhist Myanmar. Ethnic cleansing is not restricted to any religion nor is immigration to any nationality.

Pope was the first leader to highlight and focus the attention of the international community towards the plight of Rohingyas (let us stop using religious suffix or prefix and polarize this murky world). I would be happy to see someone like Pope, who thinks beyond his religion or community. I would be happy to see a Muslim (I am purposefully avoiding nationality as a suffix), talking about the plight of a Buddhist in Afghanistan or China or a Hindu in Bhutan when I see that happen, I would surmise that as a true yearning for humanity.

On a side note – this woman is too distraught and emotional, an element that highly introduces bias to influence our thinking. Either she is doing that innocently, and I will give the benefit of the doubt, or she is intending to get us into overriding our intellect through emotion. Irrespective, I will disregard her emotional tone and look beyond and identify the core issue.

Another side note – why should the world media be on hyperedge against Muslims? Can we disregard the recent history? When did the faithful (amongst the Muslims) oppose those gory deeds committed by their brotherhood? If only Muslim terrorism is opposed by mainstream Muslims, should we expect to see fundamental changes in the perspective of the international community? Media is writing what people want to read, with some monetary influence though, but let us ask a question. Why would someone funds a media blitzkrieg against Muslims?

Last, the only Muslim who has raised awareness amongst the faithful to oppose terrorism is Fatehullah Gulen, who is ostracized and banished from Turkey. That opposing terrorism is the onus of the faithful. Outsiders, ie people of other faith will respond eventually. However, to reiterate, the protection of one’s faith rests with the believer, it be Muslims, Hindus or Christians.


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