Implosions in Pakistan

Terrorism is Pakistan is fast spreading and engulfing the nation as never before. The worst part is innocents – kids, ladies and elderly fatalities that often leave brutal consequences of exponentially rising orphans and no caretakers and humungous misery lasting for generations.

Often, it brings a moot point to the fore, ‘Pakistan is Imploding’, from its home grown radicalism and fanning terrorism. It is time, this menace be stopped with a multipronged approach. It is a nation in turmoil and the global community need to help and guide the destiny of those innocents.

It is truly sad to see innocents die. As a phenomenon, I feel concerned about how long this implosion will last. Sincerely speaking, we ought to help Pak stymie terrorism and usher into an era of prosperity since that’s one major way to stifle internal strife. However, simply providing economic opportunities won’t suffice to contain this phenomenon, religious leaders ought to drive towards more openness and rational resolution rather than aggressive suppression. While doing so, Pakistan itself has to distance religion from the military establishment. This is a classic example where religion and military make an ideal milieu for aggression and ruthlessness. We still have Turkey with its brand of Islam. They are not aggressive like Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia?

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