My Democracy, Your democracy

I am coming up with another piece of democracy…

Recognition of democracy as one of the foremost system of political governance and its emphasis on diversity, equal access to human rights, freedom of belief for all, makes democracy as one of the most promising systems of Governance. However, democracy, as is practiced the world over, is not providing the benefits of ideal governance and gradually fading into a Utopian dream.

Consistently across nations, in the name of democracy, politicians, in the grab of people’s representatives, have exploited the system to stay in power and have ruled the common man in the guises of democracy.

A quick review of mankind’s recent history, reveals that the last few centuries, of all the system of governance aristocracy, oligarchy, communism, socialism and dictatorship have all let us down and exploited the journey of mankind and his efforts in finding a viable solution of governance and compassion for all. Unfortunately, most likely, even democracy is leaning on the same path.

Aristocracy has given us better fruits but it also created a steep hierarchy within society. Also, thoughts and voices were adroitly articulated to necessarily align, think and hear what the rulers wanted to communicate. Society gradually came to homeostasis and stable equilibrium where irrespective of class or upward mobility, most were at peace with each other. However, despite being the best amongst the different systems of governance, it can no longer be practiced as that milieu is obsolete.

Selected Citations:

Equatogogy – When Equations and demagogy dominate our polity, all we get is a plethora of residual issues and a remnant of social malice. That is Equatogogy. Electoral politics has become a number’s game. Those who can cobble more than 51%, are the chosen decision makers. It does not matter if those numbers are put up with rudimentary math or brute influence.

“Why the United States Should Spread Democracy”

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Below link for Democracy Experts –

The UK’s great wage stagnation: beware aggregates and averages

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