Trust, ‘Ahura Mazda’ Prevails and Sugar Dissolves in Milk

Cultural clash is a sequelae of migration, especially if the migrants arrive from a land with diverse religious beliefs and cultural norms.

The directives from the local King of Kathiawar was a masterly stroke in leadership and management that set precedence for ‘Migrants’ and ‘Assimilators’ for several centuries. Those tenets are still active, live and should be inscribed in the psyche of any migrant as a central philosophy while adopting to the new land.

Cultural Clash from recent Muslim migration to Europe

I have cited excerpts from The New York Times, on a Swiss Court ruling for Muslim girls swimming along with Local Boys.

Cultural clash is a sequelae of migration, especially if the migrants arrive from a land with diverse religious beliefs and cultural norms.

Like Sugar Dissolves in Milk

Europe is burning due to issues and consequences created from migrant muslim population. Historically, migration is not a new phenomenon but it was led and managed well, both by the migrant and the assimilator, led primarily by the assimilator. Parsi’s migration to India, is a great example for successful resettlement to the adopted land.

After persistent atrocities from the increasingly aggressive Arab – Muslim population, Zartoshti’s fled Persia (Present day Iran) and migrated to India. Initially, they landed in Diu, Kathiawar (part of present day Gujarat).  The local King welcomed them and asked them to integrate in the wider community like Sugar dissolves in Milk.

The ‘Qissa-i Sanjan’ talks about their integration amongst the local Indian population. The Parsis followed the principle of dissolving sugar in milk. They had to follow certain rules, foremost amongst those being – talk local language, follow local customs and carry no weapons. Each of these principles had a deep impact on integration, assimilation and cohesion of migrant population. Parsis (Zartoshti) followed their religious scripture, ‘The Avesta’. They did not abandon their identity, ethnic or religious. Neither did the king asked them to do so. Their religious principles, Ahura Mazda, let the goodwill lit the surrounding with good deeds. Today, Parsis are a vibrant part of Indian subcontinent, despite their drastically dwindling population, is a very successful thriving community.

The story does not stop there. It also reflects the goodness of the ‘Assimilator’ and their conditions for allaying their apprehension. Truly, we all are territorial but life is tough and we need to accommodate realities of life. With a brave heart, the ‘Assimilators’ assimilated this newly migrated community as their own. A further reflection on the ‘Assimilator’s goodwill and acceptance. It highlights further, the values and principles that need to be followed by migrant community. This is not a story, but an actual historical fact with lessons on migration, a great example of integration – both from the migrant and the assimilator.

A Masterly Stroke of Leadership & Management

That was a masterly stroke in leadership and management that set precedence for migrant population for several centuries. The tenets set in this example still active, live and should form an essential part of the philosophy that needs to be inscribed within the psyche of any migrant community.

Example cited above forms a basic tenet in guidance and leadership for migrant population – irrespective of Muslims migrating to Europe or any other ethno-cultural group migrating to any part of the world. (On a side note, I feel, the Indian community has not well integrated within the wider US population and I presume, the next generation would carry the next wave). It is equally true for folks migrating from one part of the country to another part of the country, however, the difference in the cultural clash is not significant enough to allay the fears of segregation and isolationism. Assimilating with the local while maintaining the identity as a group is always a struggle, however, where social life is concerned, it is best for the harmony and integration.

Ahura Mazda are the Good teachings espoused in the religious texts of Zaroaster. Similar ethos are embedded within individual religion – Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, Hindus, Sikhism, Jainism etc. I trust, Ahura Mazda’s from individual religions will prevails and …sugar will dissolves in Milk.

The lesson is simple – immigrants need to understand and assimilate local customs and dissolve like Sugar in Milk.

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Excerpt from an article from The New York Times, Jan 10, 2017 issue, titled, ‘Muslim Girls in Switzerland Must Attend Swim Classes With Boys, Court Says’. Link at the end of the excerpts below.

The parents argued that even though the Quran does not require girls’ bodies to be covered until puberty, “their belief commanded them to prepare their daughters for the precepts that would be applied to them from puberty” onward, according to the court’s summary of the case.

The decision, by a chamber of seven judges, did not dispute that the denial of the parents’ request interfered with their religious freedom, but it emphasized that the need for social cohesion and integration trumped the family’s wishes. The court also noted that schools play “a special role in the process of social integration, particularly where children of foreign origin were concerned,” and that, as such, ensuring the girls’ “successful social integration according to local customs and mores” took precedence over religious concerns.

“The swimming pool verdict unfortunately is what we expected,” Qaasim Illi, a board member of the Swiss Central Islamic Council, wrote on Twitter. “Tolerance toward the religious is diminishing throughout Europe.”

2 thoughts on “Trust, ‘Ahura Mazda’ Prevails and Sugar Dissolves in Milk”

  1. Awesome ! Great contribution in awakening people on the ground reality.

    History itself has proven that right immigration policy and religious tolerance has been the key to success for all developed countries. Talent pool is the key asset and to attract and maintain talent you need right immigration policy and respect for all religions and cultures. I have never seen religion interfering with the business if we respect the sentimental boundaries on either sides.

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