Good morning and Happy New Year!

I don’t have great Videos, GIF’s or inspiring Cards but a few sincere wishes that should touch your life with the emerging sunrise of 2017.

We humans can only dream and strive, however, in the struggle to strive for what we want, let us not forget what we have – our inner self, our family and friends. Let’s stay positive despite the torment and tribulations! Let’s pray the lord to reveal and unravel the true meaning of life inbuilt in our inner compass, let us continue our commitment on our path towards salvation! Let us pray Lord to offer us the strength to withstand the hard realities of Life and despite the odds, let’s pray to empower us to strive to achieve what we wish!

I wish you all the happiness, success and dreams you yearn for. Wish you a Very Happy New Year!!

On Socialization disconnecting us from our inner self

In the daily hustle bustle of life and the new world of interconnectedness (with social media such as What’sUp and Facebook), let’s not forget to reflect and connect with our spiritual self and enrich our inner being. I wish you get several moments to truly enrich our inner being and enjoy each rapturous moments of revelation from 2017.

Enriching our inner being, as you all know, is a serene everlasting experience. It has no trapping of this material world, there are no rewards, no accolades and no sensuous tingling, just a serene experience that stays for life.

  • Life is but a snap shot of passing times, like me, we all are witness to the beauty of life of creation and of sunset.  I wish you all take the time to feel every moment, everyday, all the time.
  • Let’s remember, socialization is being connected, an extension of our yearning to be connected with our surrounding cognitively and otherwise. Let us not get scarred or be intimated knowing the difference of perspective within us.
  • Let us welcome those unraveled facets of ‘Life and Living’,  let us have the grace to expand our magnitude of difference and acceptance.

On Politics and outside world influencing our inner self

  • Let us not be swayed by political opinion but keep ourself rooted to our conscious self and let us consciously make efforts to guide our destiny through these tormenting times.
  • In the face of criticism, and negativity, I wish you get the strength to trust ourselves and get the strength to interact with criticism guided by our inner voice.

On our responsibilities towards Mother Earth and Nature

Individually and collectively, Let us strive proactive preserve this universe, let’s keep mother earth and nature in our thought. As we are crossing the 7.475 billion population mark, while this rapturous moment is unfolding, let us remember, we are straining the mother Earth and depriving her of her precious resources and also depriving other creatures that are sustained on her resources. Let us all, individually and collectively, conserve those, not for saving our money or resources but as a respect and love towards Mother Nature, especially as we collectively are assuming a size of 7.475 billion.

  • We humans can only dream and strive, but let’s stay positive despite the torment and tribulations!
  • Let’s pray the Lord to reveal and unravel the true meaning of life inbuilt within ourselves, keep us stay committed on our path towards salvation!
  • Let us pray the Lord to offer us the strength to withstand the hard realities of Life and despite the odds, lets pray to empower us to strive and achieve what we wish!

Wish you a Very Happy New Year!!


13 thoughts on “Good morning and Happy New Year!”

  1. Kudos to you dear Ash!!!!

    You touch based all the tipping points here, that need to be focused upon. Truly appreciate the way you emphasized on our inner self and its strength. Once again…I wish you a joyous and successful new year!!!

    Santoshi G

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  2. Connecting with the inner self–that’s where most people get stuck. After doing 10 mins of meditation for 10 days, I thought that I am now in the right track but I was severely foolish. I was not foolish because I did the wrong thing but because I was not clear about the why still. I was still consciously unconscious. I was still under that stigma, under that unseen pressure to prove myself to the world. I still believe that I am not in the right track. Your words will help me.

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    1. Sandeep, you said it right, we go after artifacts, join classes for meditation, listen to music or recite hymn. None of these offers us the guarantee of that experience of being connected. It’s a inner state of mind. We have to unravel and listen to that, we need those moments and this busy world, this rush for crass materialism and this connectedness, all drown those valuable moment.


  3. Thank you so much. Somewhere on the way you meet some very nice souls whose acquaintance you treasure for a lifetime. ….


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