Watching International Reaction to Surgical Strike?

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What Next? A change of attitude towards resolution of festering issues is definitely concerning. Such massive support from the masses, at times get deprecating and self-reinforcing and slides us further into complacency and eventually into a war.

Pakistan, without a moral ground and international support, had to be in a denial mode obviously. Diplomatically, it huddled and tried lobbying across the power centers. That’s the matter with credibility. Once you lose it, it’s hard to gain or garner support.

The surgical strike did not make much of an international impact despite its potential to catapult into a major conflict. Ban Ki Moon offered mediation. US and most developed nations supported India’s posturing.

For India, it is jubilation. social media is caught with frenzy. It’s almost celebratory tone. After decades of tolerance and encroachment on its sovereign soil, it responded. Yes, a transient jubilation is morale boosting. However, a change of attitude towards resolution of festering issues is definitely concerning. Such massive support from the masses, at times get deprecating and self-reinforcing and slides us further into complacency and eventually into a war.

Statement made by the India’s permanent representative at the UN was a mature act as compared to those made by the defense ministers from either country, meant for the consumption of the general populace.

Selected citations

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18 thoughts on “Watching International Reaction to Surgical Strike?”

  1. I had the good fortune of reading your article regarding Surgical strikes. It was well-written and contained sound, actual information. You pointed out several things several important points . I look forward to reading your next informative work. Thank you.
    Raj K

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  2. Good analysis, Surgical strike are not new to India , historically Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj carried out similar stricks against Muguls like one on Shahithkhan in Pune Lal Mahal, India has potential to carry out similar strikes in future, we just need right Leadership like one we have now


  3. Ash
    Like you I’m also concerned about the action taken, but I strongly feels it’s necessary to bring the other side to the table, I did not see single country criticized India and I saw major powers congratulated India for their action
    I do not see its strike on Pakistan, it is a strike on mutual enemy terrorist
    As you know lately there are some terrorists attacks on its own land Pakistan which cause lot of lives of Pakistanis
    If Pakistan takes this as a war and do any thing stupid they will be singled out in the world
    I’m not too worried about Pakistan declare all out war with India , my only concern is the strikes from sleeper cells and infiltrates, which in recent days is happening all over the world
    The times have changed, every citizen should project other and himself by being vigilant, the days have gone that army protect the country, they can only project the borders
    Once enemy across the boarder then it’s every citizen responsibility to project each other, this became a latest warfare which is not just applicable to India but to the ra tire world
    Thanks for proving the platform

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    1. Overt provocation and covert attacks are a strong possibility. India has a lot of work ahead, especially after discarding restrain and adopting a posture of adaptive response. Trust, sense prevails and we don’t slide the cascading path towards destruction.


  4. Another great article, Ash!! A very interesting read!! The greatest success of the surgical strike was that it showed India (including opposition parties) can unite as a country. As a working democracy we have our differences but we also know when to unite as a country.

    Waiting eagerly for your future articles!!

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  5. This topic is so important for any person who is sensible towards sensitive events happening around the World, especially for Indians. We are still analyzing and digesting aftermath reactions for so called surgical strike by Indian limited army, the latest news of yet another attack on Indian army at Baramulla today, justifies the surgical action by Indian army who was unable to retaliate due to hesitant new Delhi ( for whatever reason) after heinous 11/26 attack on the Indian soil.

    This blog provides a better platform to share views and get authentic and genuinely complied information from the most authoritative sources. The efforts, richness of the literature value of the articles by a blogger is really impressive – Thanks you, Sanjay

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  6. silence should not consider as weakness, Actually this problem was because of caste and religion politics of our previous governments, if this problem was solved in 1970 or before this present situation was not there. To me caste and religion should not be mix in politics. Religion base government has limited vision and that too pakistan , which behaves like the center of islamic origion and big brother of all muslim countries and even other muslim countries dont like it .All developed nations are having religion and caste free grovenment to major extent.
    Religious book can guide us but they cannot be absolute, upgration must be required as world knowledge changes.
    One should not live in humiliation and fear so i fully support surgical strike and even if it turns in war lets finished it either you or us, enough is enough. Today the world is spending much more in arms and defence ,which can be utilised contructively ,every one has its own interest. Pakistan is a failed nation and we should not suffer for others deed.


  7. It’s quite incisive article. It beautifully articulates the necessity of not getting carried away in cauldron laced with jingoism.
    It’s classic rock & hard place situation for India. Certain decision had to be taken & message need to be conveyed. The bigger concern :valley getting completely out of control .Time will reveal if correct decision was taken

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  8. Very nice article and thoughts, I have only one point to say on all these posts- What is in the root of all these problems, India, Pakistan, Kashmir, terrorists, why there seem to be no solution ??

    It is actually wahabi Islam, its venomous philosophy and dictates..The country fueling all this hatred and imposing Arab/tribal culture on all Muslims across the globe is Saudi Arabia and it is able to do all this nonsense is because it is sitting on oil reserves. Unless India and other countries clearly accept this fact, declare wahabi Islam as a cancer to world and take some stringent actions to stop its spread and make it ineffective, nothing is going to change. Wahabi Islam can put whole world in war, not just India and Pakistan. Lets analyze:

    1) Although Pakistan was separated from India on religious grounds, it was supposed to be a liberal democratic country as Jinnah dreamed. However, it could not because wahabi islamic lobby is much more powerful. They keep on targeting minorities and other muslim sects. Law and order situation is bad in Pakistan also. Even Pakistan government and army is incapable of handling militant groups as they get their backing and financial support from Saudi. Muslim liberals are banned in the country. Any Muslim can get effected by wahabism easily because of Madarsa teaching since childhood and can turn into Jihadi/ Militant.

    2) Kashmir is facing the same problem. Hindus and Muslims lived in Kashmir together in peace for so many centuries. Even with Hindu king and muslim majority population, there was no problem in Kashmir. When wahabism started to increase its influence, problems in Kashmir started. Kashmiri Pandits were targeted and thrown out of their own territory and militancy increased. It is because of influence of wahabi islam that Kashmiri muslims are not able to realize that it is better for them to be with India, a better governed country than to be with Pakistan.

    3) Wahabi Islam is root cause of problems, terrorism, not just in India but the entire world and I am very surprised that no major powers of the world are taking serious, stringent and combined actions against it. Why? because they see their short term benefit in the oil reserves in countries who follow and spread wahabi Islam. Every one is selfish including US. Because of short term gain, world is making a grave mistake of overlooking threat posed by wahabi Islam on whole world. Bangladesh is currently a friendly nation of India. However, it is also seeing growing influence of wahabi islam and if it continues, one day it can also turn into another Pakistan. What India has gained by liberating it?

    4) India cannot gain anything unless it stops growing influence of wahabi Islam in its own territories. Today Kashmir, tomorrow Kerala, then West Bengal and UP. The list will continue. Unrest will continue. Wahabi Islam and its venomous philosophy needs a full stop. It should be discussed openly in media. What is written in Quran and what these mullas and maulavis are teaching in Madarsas. Liberal Muslims should be protected and projected. All dictates of wahabism like wearing black burkhas by women, triple talaq and other non sense should be stopped. Sanatan dharma should be preached, (not in the way hindu fundamentalists are doing), but intellectually, so that people appreciate its philosophy and accept it willingly.


  9. Sorry Ash for the auto spelling correction, Please read “project” as “protect” for the comment I posted, Post and all its comments are great, Regards, Sri


  10. Wish you all the best and congratulations for starting your own blog !!

    Surgical strike is something nice which our country has done for the 1st time by attacking terrorists camp. One important point is India never attacked Pakistan but terrorists camp in it’s territory. In it’s very long history, India has never been aggressor and attacked any country. It’s justified so as to self defend if it has to send it’s forces !! One great outcome of this is public’s morale is very high !! Response was too good but late due to political reasons !! We should also not hype it too much!! The international community and the entire world should be told it’s a strike on terrorists camps. But there are doubts if Pakistan would ever improve since the real power in it is with military establishment.


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