Cross Border Surgical Strike

We hope here, Pakistan does not respond to this ‘Cross Border’ LOC attack.

Surgical strikes (by India into Myanmar or US into Abbottabad, were in connivance with the respective Government. Here it is the Pakistan Government that is creating, instigating, provoking, supporting, perpetuating cross border infiltration.

Even if these are considered small surgical attacks, they are inside their border, sufficient enough to provoke retaliation. Obviously, any retaliation with Pakistan has a great tendency for cascading into potentially bigger conflicts. Let us understand, there is a high probability for reaction. It’s Self Pride (Asmita) at Stake. Who’s ‘Self Respect’ is more important? How do we determine, who is weak or alternately, where do we stop i showcasing strength? It’s a complex equation primarily driven by Self Pride, but primarily determined by the brute force and outcome.

Pakistan has always been violating the peace of this country over decades, and under the guise of international norms. The establishment has been protecting all and sundry activities within its border for several decades. Goons such a Dawood Ibrahim, responsible for the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, has found a home in Pakistan (it’s not a political asylum, Pakistan has given asylum to a hard core criminal (Mumbai bomb blast) or latest terrorist outfits JeM, LeT, who repeatedly attack civilian population. The later never spared the sanctum sanctorum of India’s democracy, the Parliament too. Pakistan has been giving sanctuary to these individuals and or groups. It’s a blatant intentional mutilation of India’s integrity or else, why would they not turn over the criminals to India?

It’s wrong to say that it started post-cold war in Afghanistan, technically they got the manpower, but the experimentation were done earlier in Punjab (by provoking and supporting Khalistan in 1985) and Kashmir insurgency in 1990. Pakistan is a melting pot and epicenter of terrorism. It is absolutely unbiased observation if India claims that Pakistan has been exporting terrorism. It has no reason to cry against violation of its sovereignty.  However, it will respond saying sovereignty is compromised.

Do we tolerate this or do we respond? It’s not just political will. Several factors are involved. It’s a dilemma for India, which we have shunned for long. It was thus pragmatic to weigh in favor of restrain. Strength or Military capability was never a question for India. Cascading response to any small attack is and has been the key concern behind this restrain, an outcome of mature governance and decision making.

This is not an ordinary Cross Border Cricket Match, where huge amounts of Adrenalin are pumped to watch the excitement of the end results. There are several reasons for it to go beyond control. If out of control, we never know the end point and we never know how it will engulf us all and the future of these two nations.

A time comes when we have to shed civility and defend ourselves. Not sure if that time is now though. Watch out for any reactions, overt or covert. Unavoidable but becoming a reality. Let us all pray that sense prevails on either side and future is not compromised.

With love towards India – Ash

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2 thoughts on “Cross Border Surgical Strike”

  1. Good article Shashank. More than its immediate impact/outcome – it seems this was done to show that indian government is willing to take all risks – to that impact – kudos. Only worry is the magnitude of retaliation, and Pakistan not reacting instantly is a bigger worry. Hope all ends well.

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    1. Thanks Yogesh,

      I hope, it was’t political expediency responding to Pakistan at this time, especially when we are internally beset with challenges that are likely to consume us and drag us down. Going aggressive, especially against Pakistan, which is notorious for lack of governance, invoves a greater risks. Such acts tentamount to increasing the risk significantly and getting embroiled in consumate wars.

      It is an irony that often times, the common man is at the mercy of the ruler. Hope, things turn out within control.

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