Entrepreneurial Whiteboarding

Typical to the development of product or technology life cycle, ideas are conceived, go through the brainstorming phase, a business case is created, pilots are enacted and development of the prototypes are worked upon, later being submitted to peer review or directly being reviewed by angel mentors/investors or venture capitalists.

As I move around, I see several ‘On the crest’ products/technologies being driven by creative, hardworking and passionate entrepreneurial initiatives along this cycle. However, one remarkable observation is that these developments are happening in silos. As I interact and review the case reports, I strongly realize few prominent facet of business development are entirely missing or not thought through.

As I watch and study the cycle from conception to outcome, I see several of these go into an outcome devoid of results. What are the possible causes? How can we make these better?

One such initiative is guiding these entrepreneurs through the different phases or life cycle of development to ingrain or imbibe the mature perspective of a full blown or comprehensive sturdy product that can withstand the pressures of time, security and scalability.

This initiative is about collecting under one umbrella, the requisite advisory source and providing a bouncing pad for these budding entrepreneurs. This is a global initiative with access to all entrepreneurs or product/service innovators.

More announcements to be made as this idea takes a concrete form.

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